Why Larkin and Lacey Were Arrested by Joe Arpaio

December 5, 2017

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey happen to have been the founders of the famous Village Voice Media which they founded in the year 1970.

The newspaper company is based in Phoenix in Arizona and has been used as an alternative weekly paper. The two were the only journalists to have been arrested for what they do and that really affected their careers. They have worked tirelessly for the achievement of their goals.

They were arrested in 2007 because of publishing an article that exposed how Maricopa county and staff exploited their people. They were taken to court and were charged with disclosing and also in violation of the grand jury secrecy.

Jim and Lacey’s arrests had been organized by the famous Maricopa County’s sheriff know as Joe Arpaio. They were the only people to have fought courageously for the rights of the immigrants without giving up. Their cases were dropped by the famous county attorney by the name Thomas Andrew.

As the cases were dropped, they decided to go back to the same courts for what they referred to as a violation of their fifth amendment rights. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were interested in knowing why they had been arrested and had to consider the Prosecutor, Dennis Wilenchik, Thomas and also Joe Arpaio who seemed to have organized the kidnapping.

It was clear that the arrest had just ended their careers and they had to go back to the drawing board for the improvement of their lives. Joe Arpaio was forced to pay the two journalists damages worth $3.75 million which acted as the compensation. T

hey decided to strengthen their mission of helping migrants in the country especially those living in the Arizona areas considering that it was the migrant’s hot point. Arizona is usually the city with the highest number of migrants across the whole America and they have been working for the betterment of their lives.

Larkin and Lacey decided to use the money towards the establishment of one of the most aggressive funds in the world. They formed Larkin & lacey Frontera Fund which they would use to help all the movements that were committed to fighting for the rights of the immigrants.

They have always been on the frontline supporting the groups support their movements without any problems. The two journalists have always committed their lives towards helping the immigrants across the globe.

Advocating for Immigrants- Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Ten years ago Joe Arpaio was serving at the California Maricopa County Sheriff, and he is the person who made Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin famous when they published a story of his prosecution by the State prosecutor on their website. Mr. Joe ordered for the arrest of the two journalists who are also immigrants. Larkin and Mike are immigrants and when they made in the foreign country, they decided that they will use their skills and profession to help other immigrants to live their lives in the United States America.

The two journalists and immigrants established a foundation known as Frontera Fund with a primary purpose of assisting immigrants, and with the money raised immigrants from the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, as well South America can have a better life. Mr. Mike and Larkin did not start the human advocacy when they became journalists, instead, they still had the passion while they were still in college.

During their schooling, they created Phoenix News-Times, a journal which would later be very popular in their country. The publication grew even wider to an extent of collaborating with other media platforms.

Fighting for human and civil rights of their fellow men has not been easy, the two human rights fighter has on several occasions been put behind bars for trying to give the minority a voice in the United States of America. They were first arrested by Joe after he accused them of publishing the news about his prosecution and were put in separate jails. Recently Mike Lacey was arrested and reported from Front Page Confidential, said that he was freed on a bail worth $1 million which he secured by two his properties. The case was first amendment case. Lacey was arrested with five other defendants but were released as he remained in court for almost a week. The two continues to fight for human rights, as they create a corrupt free world.