Papa John’s CEO- Steve Ritchie Represents a Well Crafted Apology

January 20, 2019

Mr. Steve Ritchie- the CEO of Papa John’s planned a smart move in the form of a well-crafted apology letter to the customers and then to the employee since the company was facing severe backlash recently due to some misunderstandings that involved the Founder of Papa John’s.

So he wrote a letter to the customers explaining them about the hardships he had to face past week just because of some painful words spoken by John and then he apologized sincerely.

Papa John’s is among the world’s largest pizza delivery company with millions of corporate and franchise team members around the world. The company’s headquarter is based in Louisville.

Further, he praised the local owners and operators who work hard to provide better services to the community and pointed out certain measures to be taken for the betterment of the company as mentioned below.

1. An expert audit team will be hired that will conduct the SWOT analysis for the company to set better goals.

2. Senior management will be assigned to listen to the grievances of the employees and to take their feedback for the future.

3. Transparency will be kept to strengthen trust.

Steve also thanked the staff for their loyalty and assured them that he would be leading this mission personally to regain the trust of the employees and the customers. Though Ritchie agreed that there was another similar open letter published on Papa John’s website, he still had to apologize directly to the customers through this letter to express empathy and a sense of compassion.

Steve Ritchie started out as a Customer Service Representative at Papa John’s in 1996. After that, he started working out in different capacities and finally became the franchise owner of Papa John’s in 2010. Due to his hard work and positive attitude he was then promoted as the Chief Operating Officer in 2014 at Papa John’s.

Steve hopes to foster compassion and trust of the community and staff members through the sincere apology letter and promises to address diversity and other issues for company’s betterment.

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