End Citizens United May Make Campaign Reform A Reality

July 27, 2017

Launched in 2015, End Citizens United has spent the last two years working to repeal a 2010 congressional act that gave power to super P.A.C.s and resulted in an even more corrupt system of election campaigning. As a growing opposing force to the Citizens United constitutional amendment, the group hopes to get that act repealed and, judging by the millions of dollars in support they have amassed, they may just have the influence needed to achieve their goals.

MSNBC reported that the initial forming of End Citizens United created massive public interest with 325,000 people signing the group’s petition to get congress to repeal the amendment in question. Seeking government support, End Citizens United bolstered that support by seeking out Democratic representatives with a sympathetic leaning toward the group’s goal.

Accumulating small donations in that first year, End Citizens United was able to collect over $2 million in donations, but that’s nothing compared to the level of support the group has inspired in the ensuing two years.

As the 2018 mid-term congressional elections draw near, USA Today reports that End Citizens United is on track to collect up to $35 million in donations.

There’s no denying that End Citizens United has grown support, since its inception. This year, the group reports that they have gathered 100,000 people in support of their efforts. Of that number, 40,000 are new to the cause.

Tiffany Muller, president and executive director of End Citizens United, revealed that the average donation is $12, suggesting support for repealing the constitutional amendment is ever growing.

In light of the controversy over recent elections, Americans have begun to feel more and more certain that they’re playing a rigged game. The Citizens United act contributes to that sense of corruption, so Muller says people are starting to fight back. While many may not know much about P.A.C.s in general, they do know that money is still a source of power. Tiffany says this explains the massive mounting of $12 donations. It’s America’s way of making their voices heard.

Those donations won’t be going to waste, says Ms. Muller. End Citizens United will use the collected donations to back Democratic nominees in the upcoming elections. Nominees like Jon Ossoff of Georgia and incumbent Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana.

Accessing that estimated $35 million in contributions will certainly go a long way in helping End Citizens United bring greater fairness to future elections. As a traditional P.A.C., End Citizens United is limited to $5,000 from any single donor, making the groups achievements that much more impressive. The group will likely have a great impact on the upcoming mid-term elections, proving the people still hold the power.


Andrew Rolfe Is An Asset To The Ubuntu Fund

July 26, 2017

In the recent past, the Ubuntu Fund organized a gala dinner with the objective of raising more capital to facilitate its operations. The leaders of the organization were heavily involved in ensuring that the event would be successful. Andrew Rolfe was at the forefront of welcoming guests and ensuring that they are entertained. When they were planning for the event, the entity said they were targeting to raise £600,000. The invitation-only event lasted the entire night. Many speakers were invited to the podium to share their speeches.

At the end of the event, the Fund had surpassed its initial target, as they raised more than £603,000. The Ubuntu Fund has been using resources and manpower to render their services to thousands of disadvantaged people in Africa. The Ubuntu Fund has an innovative program that seeks to ensure that disadvantaged children’s education and healthcare needs are addressed. The entity supports the needy people from when they are young until when they commence their careers. Initially, the Fund zeroed in on offering education. However, after undertaking research, they found that HIV and hunger were also preventing children from reaching their full potentials. It is for this reason that the management of the Fund deemed it fit to offer nutrition, home stability and many other basic services to the less fortunate members of the society.

In attendance was Sinesipho Rabidyani. She shared her story of how as a young girl she hated going home after school because of her father’s drinking behavior. She worked hard at school and eventually, did well in her final examinations. The leadership of the Fund was impressed by her story. This way, she was given a scholarship. Today, Sinesipho is a happy person considering that she is pursuing law at the university.

About Andrew Rolfe

Besides being the chairperson of the Ubuntu Educational Fund, Andrew serves as TowerBook Capital Partner’s managing director. At TowerBook, Rolfe acquires hospitality, food service and retail companies. The executive pursued his degrees at the prestigious Harvard Business School and the esteemed University of Oxford.

When he was working as the executive of the GAP, Andrew was responsible for expanding the company’s operations in the international market. Through his visionary leadership, he was able to establish the brand’s presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.


Patty Rocklage: A Renowned Psychotherapist in Massachusetts

July 20, 2017

Patty Rocklage is a renowned and licensed psychotherapist who has more than 20 years of practice and experience. Patty Rocklage has very reputable skills in the way she interacts with her clients. She presents a cordial and welcoming heart towards every person. This makes the clients feel welcome and helps them relax. Thus, they can get the best quality service and also amicable solutions to their problems.

Patty Rocklage offers a wide variety of services ranging from marriage counseling, relationship issues, couples sessions, and also family problems. She has helped many clients, especially from the greater Boston Metropolitan area. This has made her very famous and thus creating a strong bond between her and her clients. Therefore, the clients can heed to her advice which eventually makes a positive impact in their lives.

Patty Rocklage has a strong academic background having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of South California from the year 1981. She has a license for practicing Psychotherapy in the state of Massachusetts which is quite admirable.

Over the years of practice, Patty Rocklage has accumulated lots of skills which are diverse and include speaking in public, offering motivational talks, and creating together team work. She is also a great believer in her community and has been involved in so many community outreach programs aimed at improving cohesion. Patty Rocklage is also a renowned philanthropist.

Patty Rocklage and her husband Scott Rocklage have offered funding and financial support to the communities. For instance, they donated money to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology back in the year 2016. The donation was directed to the University’s chemistry department aimed at refurbishing nanotechnology and Nano chemistry lab. The lab which is used by the Lester Wolfe professor of chemistry, Moungi Bawendi.

Her husband Scott Rocklage is also a graduate having studied chemistry. She has also done voluntary services, for instance, she offers voluntary services to the Sudanese Education Fund whereby she helps migrants from South Sudan to settle and find stable lives. One of the most important attributes that she possesses is that she maintains client confidentiality at all times.

Read more:

Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

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Whitney Wolfe: Introducing Successful Dating Applications

July 17, 2017

Dating applications has been a trend for a while now. Single people use these applications to search for someone who is also single, and they would initially engage into a conversation. Depending on the situation, the two could meet and could go on a date, and some have found their partners by using these applications.

Whitney Wolfe, a well-known American businesswoman, is the mind behind two of the world’s most successful dating applications. She currently holds the position of chief executive officer for Bumble, a dating app that is currently on the rise to the top. Whitney Wolfe also co-founded Tinder, which has been the most successful dating app to date. Whitney Wolfe is enjoying the recognition from different magazines and publications, not only because of her contribution to the field of technology but because of how influential she is, especially when it comes to establishing a thriving business. Tinder and Bumble currently enjoys the rank of being the first and the fourth most popular dating application, and it is a testament as to how good Whitney Wolfe’s leadership is.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she never had any idea when she was a child that she would soon contribute to the field of technology. She earned her degree in International Studies at the Southern Methodist University, and she went to Southeast Asia to volunteer for an organization taking care of orphanages. When she went back to the United States, Whitney Wolfe decided to set up a business and started selling tote bags made of bamboo. These tote bags made it to the headlines when celebrities started carrying them, and she became known because of these quality designed bags. She entered the world of technology when she joined Hatch Labs, the company behind Tinder. She worked for them until 2014, when she decided to join the team of Andrey Andreev and started to create Bumble.

Bumble is fairly new in the world of dating applications, launched only in December of 2014. However, it managed to get attention when people found out that the females have the advantage in using this particular dating app. Between male and female matches, the female is the only one permitted to start the conversation. However, this rule does not apply to same sex matches. The application is well received especially by women, and has been downloaded millions of time.

The Best Choice for Investment Wine is From UKV PLC in the United Kingdom

June 27, 2017

French Wine can be very complex in nature which sometimes overwhelms even an experienced connoisseur. UKV PLC has a few tips for those who are novices, as to what they should know before they start buying.First in France wines are labeled as to what region they originate from, where as other wines are labeled by what type of grape is used to make the wine. The French appellation classifies the type of grapes and the wine making practices for the appellation. The highest quality classification is Appellation d’origine contrộlée.The French concept of terroir, which means how the soil, altitude, climate, topography and the local tradition all give the wine it’s unique character. There are wonderful wines produced all over France but as beginners, they should know the most notable regions.

Most of the wine producing regions focus on making one wine, either red or white. Burgundy is the exception as they produce both varieties. The Pinot Noir varieties which are red and have an earthy note. The white wine is produced with the Chardonnay grape, which has a light fruit flavor. The Burgundy region of France is legendary for its vineyards.UKV PLC is an independent wine company, but it is not connected to a limited supply chain, allowing for a larger access to more valuable fine wines. The expert consultants at UKV PLC have a very deep understanding of the French wines offered. They know or are familiar with all phases of wine making from the best time of year to purchase and wine parings.

One of the benefits of investing in wine is the fact that you now own a tangible item. Unlike investing in stocks is that when you sell your coveted bottle of wine you will not have to pay any capital gains tax.As wine ages, it also increases in value. Wine should be stored for at least five years for you to get a substantial gain on your investment. By purchasing your wines from UKV PLC you will get an excellent choice of investment wines. Wines not only from France but UKV PLC also has several European countries with superior brands. You can also contact him: Here.

The background of Anthony Petello


Anthony Petello is the president and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. He is also Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee. Nabors Industries is the largest contractor in geothermal and natural gas drilling. Its operations are in America, Africa, Middle East and the Far East. The company started in 1968. The success and development of the company can be largely attributed to Anthony Petello.

Education and professional background.

Anthony Petello graduated from Harvard Law with a J.D. degree. He then graduated from Yale University where he had acquired a BS and MS degrees in mathematics. He began his professional career in 1979. He joined Baker &Mckenzie which was a law firm. He was made Managing Partner in 1986 in the same firm, a position which he held until 1991.He joined Nabors Industries as the Chief Operating Officer in 1991. He became the Deputy Chairman of the company in 2003. He held this position until June 2012. However, he was the CEO of Nabors Industries in 2011. He has been the Chairman of the Board since 2012. He serves as the Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and also MediaOnDeman.com. Additionally, he is also the director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

What his college mate say about him

According to Petrello’s college roommate, Lloyd Grove, he says that Anthony was wicked smart in math. He adds that Anthony normally operated at the genius level at the age of 18. He was so smart; he became a protégé of the world renowned mathematician Prof. Serge Lang.

Why Anthony did not top the highest-paid executive’s list

Although Anthony Petello is among the highest paid executives in the country, he did not make to top the list in 2014. This can be attributed to the fact that in 2014, Nabors Industries Ltd agreed to change its corporate governance and compensation practices. One of the changes they made was to split the positions of chairman and CEO. This move limited the severance payment meant for executives was limited to three times of the executive’s pay. These efforts made by the company led by Anthony Petello were geared towards turning some money back towards the shareholders.

PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Proves That Podcast Ads Are A Safe Bet

June 23, 2017

Today advertisers have a lot of distractions to compete with. If you are a business that is trying to break through the noise of a consumer’s life you have much more competition than you would have had 20 or even 10 years ago.

With the advent of mobile technologies like the smartphone, the tablet and the laptop, users can carry their music, favorite television shows, movies and books around with them wherever they go. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://normanpattiz.wikidot.com/ and https://patch.com/georgia/atlanta/podcastone-ceo-norman-pattiz-reveals-networks-brand-lift-research-edison-researchers

They can create their own playlists, read their favorite websites and even do their homework or expense reports from their mobile phone. They can go back and forth with their friends in a group chat and read gossip about a celebrity on their Twitter feed.

All of this means that brands have to work even harder to get the attention of a consumer that is increasingly digitally connected. How can brands, especially major brands, get their products in front of new consumers?

Television still appears to be a pretty safe bet for advertisers. For instance we saw that the popular Fox television show Empire about a wealthy family that built a successful record label was able to command very high advertising rates after becoming a breakout hit in 2015, indicating that marketers and advertisers still place a lot of their trust in television to deliver.

But with more and more people choosing to get rid of their cable television packages and replacing them with services like Netflix (that does not have any commercials) how can brands reach audiences that spend most of their time on smaller screens like a laptop, tablet or on mobile? The answer to that question is easy, they can reach those audiences through podcasts.

Some have found that while podcasts might not necessarily go viral like other forms of media they can command a deep level of audience engagement.

In a way podcasts recreate the intimacy that originally marked audio-based media where families would gather around an old fashioned radio as if it were a particularly knowledgeable friend and stop what they were doing to listen to what that friend was saying.

Arguably the impact of podcasts are similar in that the medium invites listeners to train their attention on a really good conversation or a riveting report like Serial so that they won’t miss anything important.

This quality of attention is not just hypothetical according to Norman Pattiz, the chairman of PodcastOne. Norman Pattiz has a study that shows that podcast ads actually get good results for the companies that take advantage of them. His study, conducted in partnership with Edison Research showed that some brands got as much as a 76 percent jump in awareness after advertising on a podcast.

Talk Fusion: It Is Worth It

June 16, 2017

There are a lot of tech products out there and some of them are really, really good and some of them are run of the mill and they are gone before people know it. The key is being able to identify the ones that have staying power. Considering that Talk Fusion has been around for a decade, it is clear they have staying power and they are worth every penny. Even if someone is a little nervous or unsure if they should use it, they can rest easy knowing there is a 30-day risk free trial out there for customers. It comes with the video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They can see that Talk Fusion will transform their life in a way they probably never imagined.


One of the traits of Talk Fusion that makes it memorable is the fact it does a lot, but it is not overly complicated. They also have a staff on hand that is more than willing to answer any and all questions to help out newcomers. Bob Reina, the founder and CEO since 2007, is also an honorable man that likes to give back at every turn. He made a record-shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He is not afraid to give back and he enjoys giving back. He has been quoted as saying he feels it is a responsibility, but it is one he truly enjoys. He loves to see the smiles on the faces of people that have had their lives changed from using the product.


In addition to all of that, they won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation The award for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award is one that truly has made an impact on their customers. They have opened up the lines of communication and allowed them to come up with solutions at every turn.


Talk Fusion is a company that is only going to grow, as they have the right men and women behind the scenes with good hearts. Good things happen to good people.


Honey Birdette-Enticing Your Senses

June 7, 2017

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand that has just launched their e-commerce site specifically for the US market. They have also reveled plans to increase their UK portfolio to 40 form just three stores by the end of 2018.

Honey Birdette is a brand that was founded by Brisbane native and entrepreneur, Eloise Monaghan in 2006. The US site was launched in response to the 375% increase in US online sales over a duration of just 12 months. The new site is intended to enhance the experience of the customer with faster delivery, easier returns, and free shipping on orders over $50.

Honey Birdette is hoping to expand into the US retail market and wants to increase its UK store count. Honey Birdette opened its very first store outside of Australia in London’s Covent Garden the previous year as well as one in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and one in Westfield White City.

Honey Birdette, according to the article, “Honey Birdette: What To Buy Your Girl That Will Make Her Purr”, has plans to open 10 additional stores in the UK, including at Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Westfield Stratford and has 40 more stores in mind. In Australia, Honey Birdette already has 55 store locations. Honey Birdette is hoping to expand into the European market as well.

Honey Birdette was started because two friends were discussing how difficult it was to get the lingerie that they were looking for. They decided to take matters into their own hands and create their own. The fad caught on and the rest is history.

Honey Birdette,as seen on Instagram, is not your usual lingerie store. It offers much, much more. You can find not only sensual lingerie, but fun bedroom items, adult toys, massage candles, cuffs, collars, and harnesses, just to name a few items. You can also sip champagne as you browse their collections and find something to ignite the bedroom spark.

Find more Honey Birdette on YouTube.

Nick Vertucci: Transforming Desires into Know-how and Financial Success

June 6, 2017

Real estate industry is marked by perils and uncertainties such as price bubbles that require careful and informed navigation to succeed. Therefore, industry knowledge and experience are important success factors at http://nvrealestateacademy.com/education/. While many people are interested in investing in the industry, most of them fail to transform their desires into financial success. This might be as a result of lack of knowledge and skills to make it in the industry. However, Nick Vertucci has taken initiatives to fill in this information and knowledge gap by helping those interested in investing in real estate business transform their desires into know-how and finally, financial success. Nick Vertucci has used his past experiences as a successful businessman specializing in computer technology to help thousands of people launch careers and entrepreneurial endeavors in the real estate industry.

Drawing from his personal experience as entrepreneur who lost his investment following the busting of an economic bubble that supported his computer business, Nick Vertucci founded Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The academy is dedicated to training people and transforming them into success stories in the real estate industry. The academy has built professionals with solid industry knowledge capable of guiding businesses and investments to financial success. Vertucci has incorporated similar seminar and workshop approaches that played a key part in his meteoric from economic doldrums into the academy’s training programs.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy’s Profile

Founded in 2013, his Real Estate Academy (NVREA) has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of America’s premier learning institutions specializing in real estate investment programs. The academy is headed by Nick Vertucci , the founder and current chief executive officer. The academy has adopted Nick’s three steps system. The students are taught how to identify the best real estate deals and narrow them down based on prices then flip them. The final stage involves cashing in on the deals. This system on Twitter has helped several NVREA attain significant success in the industry. Moreover, the academy holds regular workshops in numerous cities across various states to increase its outreach capabilities by taking the services to its clients. The dates and locations of the workshops are posted and updated regularly on their interactive website.

In addition to its teaching approaches, NVREA’s success is hinged on its multi-tiered leadership and hiring of highly qualified professionals according to highya.com. The Orange, California-based academy is part of his Companies, Inc and several senior managers, mid-level management teams and numerous student educators. It also has a phone support office.