How To Maintain Your Online Image

July 19, 2016

Nothing is more stressful than the world of having the Internet at your fingertips and you don’t know at all what is going to happen to your name. Just a single mishap can ruin your entire name or brand. Darius Fisher is a professional reputation management expert who knows all about the world of social media and reputations. Managing the reputations of thousands of clientele at any given time, his dozens of team members work together to help educate and protect brands and high profile individuals.

He recommends that you make sure you Google yourself. Try to Google what you think other people would be typing in to Google about you. With a single push of a button, you can get an instant look at what every person is saying about you online. It can drastically affect your life and stop you from growing as a person if it affects your business or goals if you are in the public eye.

The best thing you can do is to start creating social media pages around your name to help cover up what everybody else is saying about if you do happen to have bad press. You can work with other agencies and marketing firms to help remove pages that may be affecting your name online. Your online image can be protected and monitored if you put in the work and also work with a professional marketing team focusing on reputation.

The best company who can help you out is Darius Fisher. Receiving numerous awards by companies and agencies in the area of marketing, he created Status Labs to work towards crafting strategies that monitor your name online. Any private or personal information being shared, along with negative news in the press are all stopped and put at a halt. Every aspect of your presence is taken into consideration, and they strive to create environments where your company isn’t overshadowed by negative press.

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James Royce
March 7, 2017 @ 11:15 am

Using press releases, public relations, and other forms of marketing to give you a better name, you can protect your company and maintain your reputation in the eyes of your customers. I will like to say that this is a great post to read and I have learned a lot from this too.