End Citizens United Discusses Russian Influence

June 5, 2017

Well known citizen activist group End Citizens United(ECU) has made public their position on news that Russia invested foreign money on social media ads in order to influence public opinion during the 2016 election season. President and Executive Director, Tiffany Muller made a statement in the TIME report, stating that, “The news that Russian used paid digital ads to influence our elections is a sign of just how vulnerable our democracy is with today’s campaign finance laws. Under our current system, loopholes the size of the Kremlin exist, and they allow entities – whether backed by Russian spies or Wall Street mega donors – to spend unlimited money, often anonymously, to influence elections.”


Muller contends that the Russian involvement in our elections is a prime example of why the need for campaign finance reform is so vital. Muller states that, “There has never been a better case for reforming our system, including strong disclosure laws, to prevent undue influence – especially from foreign entities.” End Citizens United contends that Congress must take action by passing a reform agenda and instructing Federal agencies such as the Federal Election Commission(FEC) and the Federal Communication Commission(FCC) to prevent untraceable spending in U.S. elections. ECU takes a strong position that allowing the election tampering that took place at the hands of a foreign entity in 2016 is tantamount to gambling with the very integrity of the U.S. democracy and the future of the country.


From it’s inception, End Citizens United has been a political action committee with a lazer focus on over turning the devastating effects of the Citizen’s United 2010 court ruling. Shy of that, ECU works diligently to combat the negative effects of big money in politics, influences of unlimited money and dark money corruption in whatever ways they can. ECU seeks to advance their mission by:



Recent ECU earnings indicate that the message is being received and that grassroots membership is speaking back from the wallet. About 100,000 people contributed to ECU in the first quarter of this year. A whopping 40,000 of that count were first time donors. ECU collected more than $4 million during the first three months of 2017 and is projected to raise $35 million before the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. If recent donations serve as any indication, public support to thwart Citizens United is impressive…and growing. Apparently many U.S. citizens agree that CU eliminated critical laws that reduced dark money that serves to corrupt our election system.