Whitney Wolfe: Introducing Successful Dating Applications

July 17, 2017

Dating applications has been a trend for a while now. Single people use these applications to search for someone who is also single, and they would initially engage into a conversation. Depending on the situation, the two could meet and could go on a date, and some have found their partners by using these applications.

Whitney Wolfe, a well-known American businesswoman, is the mind behind two of the world’s most successful dating applications. She currently holds the position of chief executive officer for Bumble, a dating app that is currently on the rise to the top. Whitney Wolfe also co-founded Tinder, which has been the most successful dating app to date. Whitney Wolfe is enjoying the recognition from different magazines and publications, not only because of her contribution to the field of technology but because of how influential she is, especially when it comes to establishing a thriving business. Tinder and Bumble currently enjoys the rank of being the first and the fourth most popular dating application, and it is a testament as to how good Whitney Wolfe’s leadership is.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she never had any idea when she was a child that she would soon contribute to the field of technology. She earned her degree in International Studies at the Southern Methodist University, and she went to Southeast Asia to volunteer for an organization taking care of orphanages. When she went back to the United States, Whitney Wolfe decided to set up a business and started selling tote bags made of bamboo. These tote bags made it to the headlines when celebrities started carrying them, and she became known because of these quality designed bags. She entered the world of technology when she joined Hatch Labs, the company behind Tinder. She worked for them until 2014, when she decided to join the team of Andrey Andreev and started to create Bumble.

Bumble is fairly new in the world of dating applications, launched only in December of 2014. However, it managed to get attention when people found out that the females have the advantage in using this particular dating app. Between male and female matches, the female is the only one permitted to start the conversation. However, this rule does not apply to same sex matches. The application is well received especially by women, and has been downloaded millions of time.