Gold Gains More Power: U.S. Money Reserve

January 25, 2019

In the recent manifestations of the behavior of the United States Economic and Financial Market, gold has yet again increased in its monetary value and the market value of the dollar has significantly fell. The dollar is continuously weakening and because of this the Federal Reserve might pull back on its monetary tightening cycle this year in 2019.

Due to the weakening of the dollar, it is actually helping gold to move on into its next bull market. The weakening of the market value of the dollar is mainly because of the powerful statements of Jerome Powell regarding the future of and what to expect for interest rate hikes, and his views and perspectives on the matter have become a confident factor for gold’s behavior in the stock market as well.

The Federal Reserve has always been strong with their stance and opinion on interest hikes – the federal reserve has always had a strong opinion on bringing the things back to the way they were before – and now the Federal Reserve is actually pulling the statements back. Read more: US Money Reserve | Ispot and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

Maybe this is because of the criticisms that the Federal Reserve has received when they postulated to raise the interest rates while the rest of the giants in Wall Street, and also the Trump Administration wanted to keep them low.

Although, the Federal Reserve has complete autonomy and authority over the monetary policies in the United States and they do not take any orders from any form of government or entity – including the government of the United States.

Which means even the Presidents cannot order the Federal Chairman on what to do with the monetary policies. The Federal Reserve’s main reason on raising the interest rate is to avoid recession – which from their analysis, is where the United States is heading to. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

And raising interest rates is the best tool to get out of it. But then, a lot of people are skeptic on how the Federal Reserve is going to raise the rates when the interest rates now are very low from the last financial breakdown. The U.S. Money Reserve is punctuating that you have to take all these things into consideration when you are making decisions regarding your portfolio.

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