White Shark Media Secret to Success in Digital Marketing

February 11, 2017



White Shark Media is among of the best Digital Marketing companies. It concentrates on internet marketing of small and medium-size businesses. The company is famous for its efficiency in market tactics. It was ranked as one of the fasted growing digital marketing agency. It provides cost effective world-class marketing services. Since its inception, the company has served thousands of customers and maintained most of them. In fact, the company retains its first client until date.




Three Danish entrepreneurs founded White Shark Media in the year 2011. These founders had a vast of experience in marketing both online and offline. They founded the company with a goal of winning the ever-growing market of small and medium business in the United States and Latin America. They were to provide marketing that businesses needed and no one else was offering them; an element that contributed to their success.




Provision of effective marketing solutions and world-class customer service has helped the company to grow its client’s base. It has also grown the number of employees to 150+ in three countries. The company deals with AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads and Display advertising. The company’s performance in the digital marketing industry made Google wish to collaborate with White Shark Media. It was just in the beginning when Google invited the White Shark’s founder to Google headquarter.




According to the company’s CEO, Gary Gath, creativity and innovation are some ingredients of White Shark’s success. Understanding the concept of marketing both offline and online helped in enhancing the efficiency of their tactic. The company is concentrating on the growth of its clients base, maintain the customers they have today and come up with an innovative way to make marketing more efficient and affordable to small and medium-size business.