Equities first UK

January 12, 2018

Get to know Equities First and what kind of financial services they currently offer. Their firm was founded back in 2002 and already shows signs of progress. People know that they can trust Equities First to offer great lending services. Borrowers have chosen Equities First to lend money to other businesses and individuals. High value individuals are welcome to trade with Equities First whenever possible. That gives them a new resource that needs to be evaluated over time.

Contact their help desk with questions about where to proceed. Equities First is a popular firm and one that needs to get work done right. Their team is well regarded when it comes to the income that they generate. People trust Equities First when it comes to many great lending services. The firm is top rated and has garnered good reviews over time too. That gives them a leading edge in a number of ways.

Nick Vertucci: Transforming Desires into Know-how and Financial Success

June 6, 2017

Real estate industry is marked by perils and uncertainties such as price bubbles that require careful and informed navigation to succeed. Therefore, industry knowledge and experience are important success factors at http://nvrealestateacademy.com/education/. While many people are interested in investing in the industry, most of them fail to transform their desires into financial success. This might be as a result of lack of knowledge and skills to make it in the industry. However, Nick Vertucci has taken initiatives to fill in this information and knowledge gap by helping those interested in investing in real estate business transform their desires into know-how and finally, financial success. Nick Vertucci has used his past experiences as a successful businessman specializing in computer technology to help thousands of people launch careers and entrepreneurial endeavors in the real estate industry.

Drawing from his personal experience as entrepreneur who lost his investment following the busting of an economic bubble that supported his computer business, Nick Vertucci founded Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The academy is dedicated to training people and transforming them into success stories in the real estate industry. The academy has built professionals with solid industry knowledge capable of guiding businesses and investments to financial success. Vertucci has incorporated similar seminar and workshop approaches that played a key part in his meteoric from economic doldrums into the academy’s training programs.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy’s Profile

Founded in 2013, his Real Estate Academy (NVREA) has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of America’s premier learning institutions specializing in real estate investment programs. The academy is headed by Nick Vertucci , the founder and current chief executive officer. The academy has adopted Nick’s three steps system. The students are taught how to identify the best real estate deals and narrow them down based on prices then flip them. The final stage involves cashing in on the deals. This system on Twitter has helped several NVREA attain significant success in the industry. Moreover, the academy holds regular workshops in numerous cities across various states to increase its outreach capabilities by taking the services to its clients. The dates and locations of the workshops are posted and updated regularly on their interactive website.

In addition to its teaching approaches, NVREA’s success is hinged on its multi-tiered leadership and hiring of highly qualified professionals according to highya.com. The Orange, California-based academy is part of his Companies, Inc and several senior managers, mid-level management teams and numerous student educators. It also has a phone support office.

The Man Who Built a Skyline in a Decaying New Jersey City

November 18, 2016

In the early 1970’s, New Brunswick, New Jersey was a dangerous post-industrial city on njspotlight.com that offered little more than simply being the location for Rutgers University. Decades of neglect caused property values to severely decline, and crime was on the rise in the college town.

Perhaps one of the only things that saved the city from complete ruin was the decision made by famed corporation Johnson and Johnson to continue its operations in the city, which contributed just enough to the city’s economy on boraie.com to prevent New Brunswick from suffering the fate of other post-industrial cities in New Jersey such as Paterson and Newark.

When Omar Boraie, originally from Egypt, traveled to New Brunswick in the early 1970’s to get a Ph.D. in chemistry, he quickly saw the building potential of the city and changed his gears to focus on real estate. Many thought he was crazy, for not only was the city incredibly dangerous to walk around in at night, but it was full of dilapidated buildings and depressed street corners with few signs of life.

Read more: Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science Established at Rutgers Cancer Institute

In 1985, Boraie began construction on two enormous towers worth of commercial space across the street from Johnson and Johnson, on Albany Street. Had the corporate giant not been there, perhaps he wouldn’t have felt so confident that his buildings would be financially rewarding. Providing 250,000 square feet worth of office space for the city, it turned out to be a success.

Additionally, Boraie constructed a high-rise luxury condo building in the heart of New Brunswick’s downtown area, which again, proved to be a huge success. Within two months, the building was completely sold out.

Today Omar is largely credited for transforming New Brunswick from the crime-ridden and decaying city it was to a thriving New Jersey city. His developments have brought loads of professionals to the city, increasing its economy. Now in his 70’s, he heads Boraie Development LLC and continues working to improve the city of New Brunswick with his son, Wasseem, as vice president of the company.

Town Residential, The City’s Leading Brokerage Firm

October 6, 2016

Town Residential is a well-known residential brokerage firm in New York. It has opened a new office in the meat-packing district which will be its 10th Manhattan outpost since its opening. The company which was founded in 2010 has also opened offices in high profile locations like Greenwich Village where its headquarters are located. The new branch will be easy access to Hudson residents and will cover the Hudson and TriBeca markets.


The firm has leased an entire second floor and will have access to a private deck at the top of the building. The founder of the company, Andrew Heiberg, believes it’s the only brokerage that has an outdoor space. That distinct feature will be appealing to the brokers who will lead clients to appointments. Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage firm will be joining Town Residential in the new meat packing industry branch. The firm’s smaller office in West Village will also be relocating to the new branch.


The location is at the epicenter of an area that is continuously growing and springing up with buildings making it one of the hottest residential neighborhoods in the city. The well-known firm entered into a 15 year deal with Thor Equities.


Town Residential is a well-established firm with professionals that have expertise in luxury sales and new development marketing and rentals. Crain has named it as one of the top 50 best places to work in New York City. It has excellent leadership and experienced staff who deliver notable results in the real estate market. Whether you want to buy a residential home or sell real estate property, Town Residential will help you navigate the market.