Texas Bankers Convention Has Unique Speaker

July 3, 2018

The Texas Bankers Convention held annually had an interesting when the CEO of Nexbank John Holt came up to the podium. He wanted to talk about the major issues that have been going on in the field of banking. In other words, he wanted to talk about how Nexbank has been working on community banking and also how the role of technology is changing the way in which banking is done. That is important because as most customers know, the way that they interact with their banks is definitely changing.

Nexbank has acquired a college savings bank in the Dallas area that can help more people save money for their children’s college expenses. Also, Nexbank is working to provide more loans to under privileged areas of Dallas so that more people who live in those areas are able to get the mortgages and other types of loans that they require. It is something that helps the community and builds out the community that Nexbank operates in as well. John Holt sees that as a winning solution.

Nexbank is not like the mega banks that you hear about on the news all the time. They legitimately care about what happens in their community and about the people that they serve on a regular basis. It is something that helps set them apart from the companies that pretend to care about their communities but legitimately don’t because they are so big that they don’t have a community touch.

The future of banking is definitely going to be interesting. We certainty know that the banking industry is going to adapt to the way in which banks associate with their customers. We know that they are going to use technology and other tools as well to help get the best possible results. That is what Nexbank is leading the charge on