Kevin Seawright helping the youth of Newark

February 18, 2017

Think of how parents can instill good morals and help their children to grow mentally and emotionally. That is what Kevin Seawright does concerning helping young entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow. He works with a passion for seeing them excel and that is one trait that many talented entrepreneurs lack.

However, you need to know where he got this passion. When he was a young person, his parents wanted to see him succeed in education and business. They worked hard to ensure that they guided him the right direction and instilled the right values that mentored him to excel later in his life.

Because of such mentorship, Kevin Seawright succeeded in his career, and he became a financial and administrative strategist. He specializes his operations in leadership and business services, and through his strong leadership skills, he has guided many people who have already achieved success in their life.

He is multi-talented because currently, he holds two significant positions. He is the executive vice president and also the Chief Financial Officer at Newark which an economic development corporation.

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright got that position because of his experience in leadership since he has worked in both private sector and public sector. He has been awarded many accolades because of his outstanding work.

He has been working in business leadership for over a decade. That experience has enabled him to build a reputation with many people and organizations which recognize him as a leader. He is an effective leader who knows how to create a budding relationship with other leaders and also the workers.

Many organizations have been transformed through his hard work and dedication. That is why is known as a financial expert. While working with Newark, he has helped the organization achieve great things in different areas. For instance, they help small businesses to expand and achieve the goals that they have set.

He began a project called the Summer Youth Employment Plan. That was through collaboration with the employees of the Newark and other icons in the business world. The intention was to provide youths get summer jobs.

It is a program that runs for six weeks and opens to Newark students and residents. His aim is to see many youths being able to work for them and succeed in life. He collaborates with the passion of a successful entrepreneur.

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