Magnises Looks to Expand

January 19, 2017

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland is a young entrepreneur who has done a very effective job of entering the extremely competitive credit card industry. He has developed a new credit card program, Magnises, which has been very popular with consumers across several major cities, including New York and San Francisco.

McFarland first thought up the idea of Magnises while Billy McFarland was still in school at Bucknell Univeristy and has grown the company to over 10,000 users in just the past few years.

Magnises is a unique credit card rewards program, which differs from the major credit cards a number of different ways. The main difference between Magnises and the other programs is that Magnises focuses on providing users with social and professional advantages, as opposed to cash back or travel rewards.

Second, Magnises tends to focus on a much younger clientele. While the major credit card providers target higher-income professionals that have the capability to spend more money on the card, the average user of Magnises is under the age of 30.

Users of Magnises tend to be young professionals that want to take advantage of all the social and professional opportunities that it provides. Magnises hosts dozens of different parties and events across New York, DC, and San Francisco every year, which are often free to Magnises subscribers. Magnises also has a dedicated concierge service, which can help someone gain access to the top sports events, live performances, and nightclubs in the cities in which it operates.

Magnises also helps users enhance their careers. Users are able to attend a number of different networking and career enhancement seminars every year. Successful professionals, who work in dozens of different industries, often attend these events.

Today, the Magnises program is going through a significant period of growth. While it started out just in New York City a few years ago, it has since expanded into DC and San Francisco. The company is now looking to expand further into other major metro areas including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston.