Desiree Perez is the Secret Weapon for Tidal

September 1, 2016


When the heat is on it is always a good idea to have a secret weapon stashed away. With all the money that Apple has this company was able to collect an arsenal of secret weapons. Apple purchased Beats by Dre. The company also recruited Drake to do a radio show. This is how Apple make a big splash in the music streaming business outside of the iTunes store. Many people assumed that Jay-Z would take his Tidal business to another level with Beyonce. She is still under contract with Sony so the amount of material that she can make exclusive is limited. People also thought that Prince would be the secret weapon, but he died. The true secret weapon for the success of Tidal turned out to be someone that was a lot less obvious. It would be Desiree Perez, a businesswoman that doesn’t have a recording contract or any musical talents to speak of.

What fans of Tidal would realize is that there was no single artist that could save Tidal. It would take some type of collective effort. This is how Desiree Perez approached the situation. She managed to help Jay-Z turn things around at Tidal when the competition was set to pounce upon this music streaming app. It appears that he was making the best decision possible when he put his faith in Desiree Perez. She has been a great asset even though she is not an official member of the Tidal team.

In the music streaming industry there is a lot of buzz about what Tidal is doing now that Perez is bringing her influence to the table. In the past there was a lot of talk about how the Tidal brand was going up in flames as so many people bailed from their leadership positions. What Perez has done is change the direction that the company is going in. She has also managed to change what people are talking about.

There is obviously an uphill battle for Tidal, but Dez Perez has made the road that Jay-Z has to travel a lot lighter. She has managed to give him the advice that he needed to push Tidal streaming in the right direction rather quickly.