A Look At A Review Of FreedomPop And Their Services

February 25, 2017

Emily Guy Birken, a contributor to the online finance website, PT Money, recently wrote a review on mobile phone service provider, FreedomPop. Below is a brief summary of the updated 2017 review of FreedomPop and the services it offers.


One of the biggest pros of FreedomPop. writes Emily, is the fact that it offers limited free mobile and internet service. The drawback to this is that once you go above a 500 megabyte threshold, you will start being charged by the megabyte for a few cents per megabyte. This will leave you with charges piling up, unless you purchase additional data for a reduced price or sign up for unlimited data through one of Freedom Pop’s data plans.


FreedomPop can be great for a frugal user, who is able to keep their data usage below 500 megabytes. You will get an alert that lets you know once you approach your data capacity for free service. Although the purchase of additional data is automatically turned on, you can disable it to prevent yourself from getting charged. Emily also points out that FreedomPop’s free service is currently limited to one year. Once you have used up a year of free service from FreedomPop, you will have to pay around $10.99 for a similar data and calling plan.


Speaking of calling, under FreedomPop’s free service plan, you will get 200 minutes of calling time. This is perfect for the person who makes few calls or needs phone service for emergencies. Any calling minutes above 200 minutes will incur an additional charge. In addition to the free 200 minutes each month, users get to send and receive an unlimited amount of text messages. Each text message sent and received will use up part of the 500 megabyte data allotment though. So those who want to text heavily, may want to consider purchasing additional data or signing up for the $10.99 a month plan for unlimited phone calls and text messages.


Besides the free service offered by FreedomPop, the other biggest pros to using FreedomPop’s service is that there are no contracts that lock you in. You simply pay month by month. There are also no cancellation fees. If you decide you do not like FreedomPop, you can leave and cancel service anytime without incurring any fees such as early termination charges that are commonly found with mobile carriers.


FreedomPop is compatible with most Sprint devices. The company uses the Sprint network resells it to customers via wholesale pricing. You can visit FreedomPop.com to look at FreedomPop plans and sign up there.