The Latest Expansion of Luxury 5-Star Hospital – Copa Star

January 27, 2017

The Hospital Copa Star is a luxury centric hospital that focuses on providing the superior quality services at a 5-star facility. The hospital was Co-Founded by Jorge Moll who believed in expanding the lavish services in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. Currently, it maintains a 5-star rating in the national hospitality and health care sectors of Brazil. Not only does Copa Star Hospital believe in a modern health care atmosphere but also prioritizes in providing internationally benchmarked outstanding experience to all its patients. This lavish 5-star hospital can easily be mistaken as a post real estate housing or a lavish hotel on

Copa Star had opened in Rua Figuerdo de Magalhães of Rio de Janeiro in the early October of 2016. It was constructed by D’Or, being part of its extensive hospital networks on The President and of the D’Or Institute, Jorge Moll stated that this lavish health care facility is intended to provide patients with 5-star equipment and custom-tailored health care services in the article for The Rio Times created by the writer, Nelson Belen.

The Exclusivity of Copa Star Hospital

Hospital Copa Star is designed to provide its guests with a royal treatment. The premium service can be enjoyed with sufficient privacy but not to the point of utter isolation. The facility is exclusively designed to help avoid public exposure (especially for the celebrities). The patients can travel from one part of Hospital Copa Star to another without being visible in the eye of the public which may prove to be harmful for a patient’s health condition.  Through the application, the patients can control changes in their surroundings like switching on or off the lights, closing the curtains, calling the nurse, having a video conference with the health specialist or view the reports of tests.

Top of the Class Services by Copa Star Hospital

Moreover, the patients also receive customized services by the hospital’s nationally adept team of professionals. The environment within the hospital appears to be affable and accommodating for all its patients. This is why its patients do not feel any requirement to go abroad for high-end services. The dining area within the hospital is hygienic with healthy and scrumptious choices of meals that are prepared by a 5-star Michelin celebrity chef. Copa Star guarantees a commodious environment to its patients with 21,000 square meters in total occupying nine operating rooms, 59 Emergency Intensive Care Units, and 155 luxurious patient suites. Apart from the warm and accommodating environment, the hospital focuses primarily on superior patient-tailored services that are handled with dedication by highly skilled and experienced medical professionals. More than 500 adroit staff members utilize high-tech equipment to make precise diagnoses and effective treatments.