Jeremy Goldstein: What’s Better than Stock Options?

March 26, 2018

The question of employee benefits is something that every corporation needs to think about before making a decision. In the past, the answer was clear: stock options. Now, stock options are no longer popular or preferred by anyone, especially employees. It’s amazing that so many people want to do away with stock options.

It wasn’t that long ago that every top company provided stock options as the standard employee benefit. Since the several market crashes and lack of trust in the banking world, many people started asking for more reliable employee benefits that they can control.

Instead of stocks, corporations offer things like high salaries, equities, or better insurance. Mainly, companies like the ease and employee satisfaction of offering new benefits. Stock options had their time and place in the industry, but now, everyone is ready to move on to more relevant compensation methods.

While most of the corporate world is moving on, there are some experts that advice against eliminating stock options altogether. It may seem like a great idea to eliminate these options and replace them, but every company’s situation is different; some would benefit from providing stock options instead of something else.

Initially, getting rid of stock options may seem like the right move, but recent IRS regulations may make it harder for some companies to offer equities in place of stock options. Not to mention, there are many types of stock options and people don’t know that when they terminate their stock options.

Jeremy Goldstein, a business lawyer, suggests that everyone rethink about their employee benefits. It’s important to know what they want out of their benefits, and most people want advantages that only stocks options can offer. Most important to the company, stock options make every employee personally invested in the company’s success.

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