Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Founder of

February 13, 2019

Richard Liu is a devoted husband to Zhang Zetian and father to both a son and daughter. He is a billionaire in Living in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong has earned about US$12 billion through hard work and devotion as the CEO of This company is the largest retail business in China selling electronics, consumer goods and fashion for both men and women. He joined the entrepreneurial sector in 1998 after working for two years in Japan Life international company. Richard Liu has previously started a restaurant while still in the University but since he did not have enough time to manage the business it collapsed. Richard Liu did not give up he started selling computer parts, and within six years Jingdong company developed launching 12 stores across China.

In 2003, there was a SARS outbreak in various parts of the world including China hence Richard Liu was forced by circumstances to send his employees at home to avoid being hit. Most customers also stayed at home; therefore, the sales for Jingdong Company stated decreasing. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded the website to sell goods online. Over the years the company has employed thousands of employees to ensure that they serve clients at the individual level and establish close relations. Richard Liu has aligned with various companies including WeChat and Walmart to share resources and help a wide range of the market.

There is stiff competition from Alibaba, but Richard Liu is determined to ensure that his company is nothing less but number one across the globe. According to Richard Liu, all that is needed for expansion of is market evaluation; he has set resources to form joint ventures and form mergers to ensure that the company is in every continent. Richard Liu as an entrepreneur he understands that customer is the backbone of any business; he has therefore set policies to ensure that the customer’s interest and needs are addressed. Richard Liu has also funded many charitable organizations to ensure that needy people get an education. Richard Liu hobby is spending some time alone in the desert, and walking to keep fit and relieve stress. Learn More.

Gareth Henry: Using Networking and Mathematical Knowledge to Navigate the Financial Industry

October 22, 2018

Companies that operate in asset management and credit industry understand that an experienced financial analyst is important as he helps in handling almost all the daily activities of the company. Gareth Henry is an experienced financial analyst who has all the necessary training and knowledge to perform well in this industry. He is a dream employee for all the organizations that work in the financial industry. One may struggle to understand how Gareth Henry is able to navigate the complicated world of credit deals. Here are some of the factors that have made him to be a reliable and reliable financial analyst. One of the main factors that made him to excel in the credit industry is training in mathematics.

A large number of people might have training but not in the field of mathematics. Gareth uses his training in mathematics to come up with some of the most complicated models that other individuals cannot formulate. Gareth Henry’s experience in making deals and policies in the alternative assets makes him to be trusted by a large number of people he has worked for. This explains why he was selected as the head of relations for Fortress Investment Group, which is a leading asset manager in the world. While working for the hedge fund, Henry was able to develop some of the most reliable sales policies that helped the company to penetrate the United Kingdom market. He assembled a team of experienced sales personnel, who were able to reach potential clients located at different parts of the world while at the same time turning them into customers.

The overall role of Gareth Henry was to ensure that he managed a group of experienced and talented sales individuals and marketing experts, who could be able to convince the customers into purchasing their products. Additionally, Gareth Henry has been able to combine his professional mathematical knowledge, hard work, and charming personality to connect with some of the most influential individuals in the society. It through these extensive networks that Henry has been able to reach out on some of the most influential hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, and sovereign wealth funds.


How Infinity Group Australia Have Managed to Win their Customers’ Confidence

September 24, 2018

Various myths are meant to discourage people from venturing into business. Some believe that a company has to be very old and experienced in the industry so that it can survive. According to Infinity Group Australia, they have come to prove these people wrong. The company has been in existence for only five years, but a lot has been realized.

The company is a private equity firm with its branches based in Bella Vista.


The company’s mission was to fill the investment gap in the finance industry. They were filling the gap of the most exploiting sectors in the world, and the company has been able to move to significant aspects of life. The company is committed to securing a financial future for their clients and thus making them financially stable. Their clients can create a great future for their children and also grandchildren.


Infinity Group Australia has a team of 50 employers who comprise an excellent team that has been awarded for their excellent customer experience honors. Some of them are Optus My Business Award and Vow Financial award. The company is where it is because of its committed team of leaders who work around the clock towards the fulfillment of their customer’s dreams. Majority of the clients who use the services of the organization can do it with speed and commitment and have managed to take the company to vast achievement levels. The company is where it is because of the committed leadership of Graeme Holm who is the founder and the chief executive officer of the company.


Graeme Holm should be celebrated first before deciding to applaud Infinity Group. He is the brain behind that success and has been able to establish a very famous company that has always been close to its clients. He has been interviewed by several media, and it is no doubt that the tremendous achievements at the company are as a result of his committed leadership qualities. He says that he aimed to help his clients achieve a financial breakthrough and mostly focused on lower and middle classes. In his research, he came to discover that most of their clients offer poor financial services to their clients and rarely do they mind about their welfare.


The Infinity Group Australia Reviews growth has been as a result of commitment to professional services across the entire industry. They have been able to save the people of Australia from the greedy financial institutions which are aimed at exploiting them and making them poorer. Learn more: