Newswatch TV Reviews

December 3, 2018

Technology, entertainment, and consumer goods are the main focus of the award-winning television program Newswatch. Based in Washington DC, the video production and communications company is owned by Bridge Communications. Specifically, it focuses on celebrity and consumer news, sponsored government news, electronic and mobile app reviews, medical breakthroughs and public service announcements. Some of the features involved in the programs are campaign awareness on national non-profit, video news releases (VNRs), interviews and on-location satellite media tour (SMT).

Ion Television affiliate networks deal with the transmitting like syndicated local stations who operate independently and AMC networks. The evolution of NewsWatch is evident since it first aired in March 1990. From changing platforms into TV news magazines to working with Fortune 500 companies in technological reviews in programs like “the AppWatch segment.” Entertainment and current affairs also get featured through celebrity interviews like Chris Pratt Woody Harrelson Jennifer Lawrence and Carrie Underwood. Athletes celebrities also get involved like Jerry West, Jeff Burton, Joe Montana, and Phil Mickelson.

Its efforts to far reach clients into online platforms are like social media, satellite-through satellite media tour (SMT)-and cable providers. With high content and video production from their video news releases (VNRs); their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Receiving several awards including the 2017 National Videographer Awards recognition for its 30-minutes entertainment programs. Also, winning Marcom Awards, both Gold and Platinum in the same year, and a Silver Telly Award in the previous year.

Audience and Newswatch TV’s relation has also contributed to the station’s success through honest reviews from their hosts. Andrew Tropeano, host of AppWatch Segment for over eight years’ claims, it is only through honest communication and genuine human interaction that the audience can relate to a program. Features he implemented are like non-bias review on products, a hosting team to select what they feel to be newsworthy events around the world and their favorite technology product.