Alexandre Gama

December 18, 2017

Alexandre Gama is a man of great accomplishments. He is an entrepreneur and creative professional in communications and advertising industries. He began working in 1982 after receiving a degree in Advertising and Communication.

He worked as a creative writer and copywriter at Standard Ogilvy and Mather for 8 years until he moved on. In 1990 he began working for DM9. In the four years he worked there he became the most awarded of his generation in Brazil. In 1999, Alexandre left the company he was working for then, Young and Rubicam to start Neogama, his own advertising agency.

Neogama was the fastest growing agency in Brazil and is still running strong this day. It has gone through numerous changes and developments in the years but in 2016 Alexandre took back his company and began running more independently. Neogama was named Agency of the Year in 2002 and won two Golden Lions in 2003.

Alexandre has made a big impact in the name of Brazil. He not only is a major success in the advertising industry but is also involved in the music industry. Alexandre founded and launched VIOLAB in 2014. It is a project that focuses on the best acoustic guitar players and musicians in Brazil. It even has a youtube video to promote the artists. Alexandre is also the only Brazilian in the Global Creative Board group, a committee of six worldwide agency leaders responsible for creating new initiatives in the industry .