Why Some Conditioners Can Make Or Break Your Hair

January 26, 2017

When you choose a conditioner, you want a product that can leave your hair feeling smooth and great. Conditioners can help keep hair moist enough to not dry out and break, or become messy and frizzy. Some conditioners do the job better than others, and while most of them claim to produce thicker and fuller hair, that isn’t always true. The best kind of conditioners to use are brands that use all natural ingredients and don’t use abrasive substances or artificial nutrients. You also have to balance out the use of conditioners with how often you shampoo your hair to make sure it your hair stays just moist enough to have a lasting effect, but not too damp.

One conditioner that’s gotten the job done for many users is Wen by Chaz, a unique formula that uses natural ingredients and comes in the formulas of sweet almond mint, pomegranate and lavender. When you apply this conditioner to your scalp, it goes to work immediately on your hair and doesn’t take long for it to start feeling thicker. The end result is hair that looks smoother, shinier and wavier and it’s especially recommended for those who struggle with greasy or frizzy hair.

WEN by Chaz is named for its founder Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/store.aspx, a man who became a hair style enthusiast upon seeing the beauty of it in his photography. He attended a cosmetology school in Los Angeles, and after spending time coming up with a hair conditioner formula that worked, he started the WEN brand. He also owns a salon in Hollywood and has many prominent celebrities that come to get their hair done. He’s distributed his conditioner to customers online on wen.com and through some retail stores. WEN by Chaz can be bought in either the basic kit package, or the deluxe kit.

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