Ara Chackerian : His Vision For Empowering Patients

February 23, 2019

Ara Chackerian is one of the most revered and respected philanthropists in the country, his work within the community and efforts to connect today’s modern technology with healthcare is nothing short of incredible. Today, Ara has been especially active in the areas of environmental and youth development causes, particularly in the Nicaragua teak farms. Using environmentally friendly agricultural practices, much of the land will remain unharmed and in addition, will provide hundreds of jobs for locals. Recently we sat down with Ara Chackerian to delve deeper into his new venture with TMS Health Solutions and life in general.

What gave you the motivation to start this new venture?

Ara states that this passion project was developed by himself and his partners. Having already created various out-patient diagnostic radiology centers in Northern California, the team and I were eager to begin spreading them across the rest of the state. What makes this unique is that we are using transcranial magnetic stimulation, a new form to remedy mental issues such as depression.

Was this your chance to continue to give back?

We believe that we have the necessary skills and funds to provide assistance to thousands of people suffering from medication-resistant depression, says Ara. Furthermore, Ara states that their ability to create facilities of this kind is a special opportunity to create something great.

What is one of the goals for this venture?

That the treatment includes clear and understood communication between patient and physician, says Ara. This new model will allow the patient and physician to find a clear path to their desired outcome.

How have you’ve made your visions come true?

Through understanding life experiences, says Ara. He continues by saying that many of his visions come from incredible interactions between himself and patients, his ability to create and make them come to fruition is possible only because he was fortunate to interact with these people.