Ara Chackerian : His Vision For Empowering Patients

February 23, 2019

Ara Chackerian is one of the most revered and respected philanthropists in the country, his work within the community and efforts to connect today’s modern technology with healthcare is nothing short of incredible. Today, Ara has been especially active in the areas of environmental and youth development causes, particularly in the Nicaragua teak farms. Using environmentally friendly agricultural practices, much of the land will remain unharmed and in addition, will provide hundreds of jobs for locals. Recently we sat down with Ara Chackerian to delve deeper into his new venture with TMS Health Solutions and life in general.

What gave you the motivation to start this new venture?

Ara states that this passion project was developed by himself and his partners. Having already created various out-patient diagnostic radiology centers in Northern California, the team and I were eager to begin spreading them across the rest of the state. What makes this unique is that we are using transcranial magnetic stimulation, a new form to remedy mental issues such as depression.

Was this your chance to continue to give back?

We believe that we have the necessary skills and funds to provide assistance to thousands of people suffering from medication-resistant depression, says Ara. Furthermore, Ara states that their ability to create facilities of this kind is a special opportunity to create something great.

What is one of the goals for this venture?

That the treatment includes clear and understood communication between patient and physician, says Ara. This new model will allow the patient and physician to find a clear path to their desired outcome.

How have you’ve made your visions come true?

Through understanding life experiences, says Ara. He continues by saying that many of his visions come from incredible interactions between himself and patients, his ability to create and make them come to fruition is possible only because he was fortunate to interact with these people.

A Brief Summary of Heather Parry

February 20, 2019

Heather Parry is the president of Live Nation Productions, a company that has been involved in the production of several films, performances, and whatever else they can get their hands on. A great example of Heather’s triumphs comes in the form of a film directed by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga called “A Star is Born.” When Heather heard that Bradley would be directing, she immediately contacted his manger, Dave Bugliari, only to find out he was riding a ski lift as they spoke. Dave called her back as soon as he was off the lift and suddenly her company was involved. After pitching the idea to producer, Bill Gerber, everything was in order and Heather had the steering wheel.

Heather’s remarkable drive and go-getter attitude enabled her and her company to be involved in multiple documentaries, featuring Lady Gaga, Sean Combs, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons and the Eagles of Death Metal. Live Nation also contributed to the scripted film “The After Party”, which starred Wiz Khalifa, French Montana and Teyana Taylor. Heather Parry is no stranger to pushing the limits of her company and herself. She never misses an opportunity to start a brand new project.

Heather Parry also had the pleasure of working under the expertise of the world famous actor and comedian, Adam Sandler. Adam taught her how to be a great producer and how to perfectly pitch an idea to other producers and executives. Because of Adam’s tutelage, Heather lives by the belief that you should always be working on something and that if you can’t pitch an idea in 30 seconds or less, the idea won’t work. Needless to say, Heather Parry has more than enough experience to do incredible things with her company and has already achieved that on several occasions. She is served as a fantastic example of dedication and drive for anyone with a dream.

The Successful Ventures of Boraie Development

In the 90s, getting the name Shaquille O’Neal to appear beside your product name was quite the big deal. Shaquille O’Neal is a retired NBA Superstar who was brought up in Newark, New Jersey. O’Neal has since his retirement been taking part in a series of philanthropic projects in an attempt to give back to his community.

Newark is not the most luxurious areas in the New Jersey. In an attempt to raise the social standing of the city, Shaquille has partnered with Boraie Development company. The partnership has seen to the development of a luxurious Tower in the area that people have termed as the Shaq Towers. It is a thirty-story building with two hundred apartments.

During the launch of the tower, O’Neal announced that he would be developing yet another tower with five stories more than the Shaq towers and sixty-eight units more. The success of these ventures is not only a win for Mr. O’Neal but also Boraie Development.

A look into Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a management, sales, contracting, and real estate development firm that was launched back in the year 2008. The company has been partaking in a number of development ventures and thriving since its launch. The company’s good progress can be attributed to its strategic stakes and the fact that it works with the best contractors in the business. Boraie Development company has its headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey where it has just launched its latest luxury building called The Aspire.

The Aspire Tower, New Brunswick

The Aspire is a luxury tower strategically situated between New Brunswick’s central train station and its Children’s Hospital. The more than two hundred apartment unit tower has been designed and built in an outstanding environment with some of the best views and state of the art finishes.

Each one of the studio apartments, the one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments is complete with hardwood floors with impeccable carpeting, luxurious bathrooms with bathtubs in the master bedrooms, state of the art kitchens with a kitchen island and stainless-steel appliances, spacious living spaces and all other home appliances. The tower has a parking space, a twenty-four-hour concierge, a lobby where the elevator reaches, a gym with all modern equipment, a rooftop deck and areas for relaxation as well. The apartment units just went on sale.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Experienced and Passionate Cosmetic Surgeon

February 16, 2019

While most doctors are more concerned about the financial gain from plastic procedures, but Dr Sameer Jejurikar cares about the experience the patients get. It was his services that landed him to the registry of the Compassionate Doctor Certification. The award is given to doctors with good bedside manner scores, which is based on feedback from patients. The honor is only given to a few physicians. In 2012, only 3% of the physicians received the honor. The doctor was glad to be chosen among the few to get the recognition. He has also been added to the registry of business excellence.


Sameer Jejurikar has specialized in both general surgery and plastic surgery. He is affiliated with several hospitals in Dallas. Some of the hospitals he is working for are Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center. He has gone through the media practice that goes for about 11 to 20 years. Therefore, he has the needed skills to provide clients with the best service.

Advice on Taking Care of Scars

In one of his blog posts, Dr Jejurikar talks about optimizing scars cosmetic surgery. In as much as scars scare are part and parcel of cosmetic surgery, Dr Jejurikar believes in creating beautiful scars. He is also of the opinion that patients have an apart to play in how their scars look like after the surgery.

One of the rules he gives to achieve beautiful scars is protecting the scars from the sun. The sun’s UV rays can create permanent damage to the scars. The other rule is to use the silicone strips. The strips put pressure on the incision and act as a barrier against the UV rays. Finally, he advises patients to be careful of what they apply on their scars. There are products such as hydrogen peroxide that is harmful to scars final appearance.

Find out more about Sameer:

Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Founder of

February 13, 2019

Richard Liu is a devoted husband to Zhang Zetian and father to both a son and daughter. He is a billionaire in Living in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong has earned about US$12 billion through hard work and devotion as the CEO of This company is the largest retail business in China selling electronics, consumer goods and fashion for both men and women. He joined the entrepreneurial sector in 1998 after working for two years in Japan Life international company. Richard Liu has previously started a restaurant while still in the University but since he did not have enough time to manage the business it collapsed. Richard Liu did not give up he started selling computer parts, and within six years Jingdong company developed launching 12 stores across China.

In 2003, there was a SARS outbreak in various parts of the world including China hence Richard Liu was forced by circumstances to send his employees at home to avoid being hit. Most customers also stayed at home; therefore, the sales for Jingdong Company stated decreasing. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded the website to sell goods online. Over the years the company has employed thousands of employees to ensure that they serve clients at the individual level and establish close relations. Richard Liu has aligned with various companies including WeChat and Walmart to share resources and help a wide range of the market.

There is stiff competition from Alibaba, but Richard Liu is determined to ensure that his company is nothing less but number one across the globe. According to Richard Liu, all that is needed for expansion of is market evaluation; he has set resources to form joint ventures and form mergers to ensure that the company is in every continent. Richard Liu as an entrepreneur he understands that customer is the backbone of any business; he has therefore set policies to ensure that the customer’s interest and needs are addressed. Richard Liu has also funded many charitable organizations to ensure that needy people get an education. Richard Liu hobby is spending some time alone in the desert, and walking to keep fit and relieve stress. Learn More.