The Story of Jim Larkin

September 24, 2018

Jim Larkin commonly referred to as Big Jim due to his big body stature, and he was born in England in the year 1876.

He grew up in poverty and to support his family, he went to school in the morning and spent his afternoons working different manual jobs. After his father’s death, he worked as a sailor at the Liverpool docks, and later on, he was selected as the foreman of the docks.

Roles Played

During his years as a docker, he joined an organization known as the National Union of Dock Labourers-NUDL, whose primary objective was to fight for better working rights for the dock laborers. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner and James Larkin | Biography

In 1905, he organized a strike in the docks that resulted to him losing his position as the foreman. In 1907, the union moved him to Dublin where he organized another strike, which led to his expulsion from the union.

In 1908, he founded the Irish Transport and Generals Workers Union -ITGWU, with the aim of bringing together all the Irish industrial workers, both the skilled and unskilled ones. Some of the things he fought were: provision of pensions to workers aged 60 years and above, creation of jobs for the unemployed, and nationalization of all transport means.

The ITGWU led to the creation of the Irish Labor Party in 1912. Jim Larkin and James Connolly were the founders of this party. It was responsible for leading a lot of strikes, the most significant one being the Dublin Lockout in 1913.

The party members, who were about 100,000 in number, participated in the strike for 8 months continuously, and eventually, they succeeded in their quest for promoting the rights of the unskilled workers. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

He came up with the slogan to further his agenda in the fight for equal employment, which stated that fair payment should be made to each person who had a fair day of work.

In 1914, he relocated to the United States where he joined the Socialist Party of America-SPA and the Industrial Workers of the World union-IWW. He later started supporting the Soviet Union, which led to his expulsion from the Socialist party.

In 1920, Jim Larkin was arrested and imprisoned under the charges of attempting to overthrow the government. Three years later, he was cleared of all charges and deported to Ireland, where he formed the Workers Union of Ireland.

How Infinity Group Australia Have Managed to Win their Customers’ Confidence

Various myths are meant to discourage people from venturing into business. Some believe that a company has to be very old and experienced in the industry so that it can survive. According to Infinity Group Australia, they have come to prove these people wrong. The company has been in existence for only five years, but a lot has been realized.

The company is a private equity firm with its branches based in Bella Vista.


The company’s mission was to fill the investment gap in the finance industry. They were filling the gap of the most exploiting sectors in the world, and the company has been able to move to significant aspects of life. The company is committed to securing a financial future for their clients and thus making them financially stable. Their clients can create a great future for their children and also grandchildren.


Infinity Group Australia has a team of 50 employers who comprise an excellent team that has been awarded for their excellent customer experience honors. Some of them are Optus My Business Award and Vow Financial award. The company is where it is because of its committed team of leaders who work around the clock towards the fulfillment of their customer’s dreams. Majority of the clients who use the services of the organization can do it with speed and commitment and have managed to take the company to vast achievement levels. The company is where it is because of the committed leadership of Graeme Holm who is the founder and the chief executive officer of the company.


Graeme Holm should be celebrated first before deciding to applaud Infinity Group. He is the brain behind that success and has been able to establish a very famous company that has always been close to its clients. He has been interviewed by several media, and it is no doubt that the tremendous achievements at the company are as a result of his committed leadership qualities. He says that he aimed to help his clients achieve a financial breakthrough and mostly focused on lower and middle classes. In his research, he came to discover that most of their clients offer poor financial services to their clients and rarely do they mind about their welfare.


The Infinity Group Australia Reviews growth has been as a result of commitment to professional services across the entire industry. They have been able to save the people of Australia from the greedy financial institutions which are aimed at exploiting them and making them poorer. Learn more:

OSI Industries is a leading food company

September 20, 2018

When Otto Kolschowsky started butchery in Chicago many years ago, he had the vision to expand it, but he did not know one day it would be a global company. He started the family business after staying for a while in the United States from Germany. When he went to the United States, he decided to settle in Chicago, and his primary goal was to pursue business. When he opened up the meat den, he was dedicated and worked hard to supply meat products to the community. He wanted to provide the locals with fresh meat products. He continued to grow his company until it rose to the point of being a wholesale. After some years, the company became a family business because he wanted help from his sons. That is why it was rebranded, Otto and Sons. Years passed by, and the company’s turning point is when they got a deal with McDonald’s and started supplying meat products to the company. Ray Kroc had the vision to expand McDonald’s, and he worked hard to achieve this vision. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

Otto & Sons expanded its operations because it had to supply the meat products to McDonald’s which was growing rapidly. They wanted to develop together with McDonald’s, and it worked. It is a strategy that they used to transform their business, and it has also been embraced by other restaurants and companies to expand. They have now grown to the global level. Since it is a large company in the industry, OSI Industries has managed to offer other companies affordable products. Although the services are affordable, they are also quality services, and many customers enjoy the kind of products they get from OSI Industries. The company has been striving to create the best products and expand to the next level. It has been ranked among the top food companies in the world severally.

OSI Industries has established large warehouses, processing plants, poultry facilities, and farms to keep the business running. OSI Industries has managed to stay in the market for the many years because of being consistent in the delivery of their services. They care for their customers, and that is why they are always careful when supplying their products. They want to offer the best, and it has worked. The company has never compromised on quality for any reason. Their products fit any palate. They also respect the tastes and preferences of the people as much as they can.

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How Guilherme Paulus Has Provided Thousands Of Jobs Across Latin America

September 19, 2018

Guilherme Paulus started his passion for travel in 1972 and has never really stopped ever since. It was in that year that he co-founded CVC Tours in Santo André, São Paulo. It started out as a very small travel agency and over time became the largest tour operator in all of Latin America. He also now operates a hospitality firm, GJP Hotels and Resorts, which keeps him on the move.

He earned a degree in business administration and then started working for IBM as an intern. He quickly decided he would rather make his mark in a different industry, though, and found someone who shared his vision of starting a travel agency. This partner supplied the money to get this business off the ground. After four years Guilherme Paulus was running this as a solo business and began to attract clients from around the world as well as domestically.

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As Latin America’s premier tourism company, CVC Tours has partners throughout the world. This includes hotels, airline firms, cruise lines, and others. His business activities have a positive effect on the communities in which he operates as it brings in jobs and tourism dollars. He has provided employment to thousands of people in Latin America and helped to support a large number of small businesses.

He opened his first hotel in 1995. Today Guilherme Paulus’ hospitality firm has more than 20 hotels and resorts and has over 5,000 employees. His hotels are in Rio de Janeiro, Maceió, São Paulo, Gramado, and Salvador. He travels a lot between his hotels so that he can check up on them and talk to his guests and staff. He says that by being close to the day-to-day operations of his hotels he learns a lot and makes them better.

Throughout his career, Guilherme Paulus has been a socially conscious entrepreneur. One nonprofit he supports in the tourism industry is the PIET project. This nonprofit provides people with the skills they need to enter the tourism industry, including the next generation of leaders. Guilherme Paulus also is a sponsor of Alfasol Solidarity Literacy which teaches young people and adults how to read.

The Career of Jeff Aronin

September 13, 2018

Jeff Aronin has helped bring major changes in the field of healthcare through his innovative approach to building companies and tackling complex challenges. As the chairman and chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences, he has ventured into the area of biopharmaceutical investment, and the company has been operating since 2010. He is among the most influential healthcare leaders, and he has gained a lot of experience in the industry over the years. Through the Paragon, he has acquired a chance to serve as non-executive chairman of several of the portfolio companies his firm has helped to build.

Through his ventures, Aronin strives to bring help to people suffering from various diseases that have little to no cure. He has overseen the development of a vast number of remedies to help such people overcome the serious side effects that they experience in their lives. Among the various conditions that Paragon’s portfolio companies are working to address include rare genetic conditions, immune system diseases, and disease that affect the nervous system.

Jeff Aronin has adopted a unique approach to developing the most effective treatments for rare diseases by collaborating with experienced medical experts and financial investors. His team at Paragon identifies various diseases that affect humans and have scarce or no cure. They then create dynamic companies with the aim of conducting research on the primary causes of a particular disease, before later creating effective medications or therapies to address those diseases. Paragon has maintained its reputation over the years by achieving notable success in creating and bringing new drugs to the market that have been FDA approved. It has so far has overseen over 13 drugs that have been approved by the FDA and it continues to focus on innovation in helping improve the lives of people suffering.