Jeremy Goldstein: What’s Better than Stock Options?

March 26, 2018

The question of employee benefits is something that every corporation needs to think about before making a decision. In the past, the answer was clear: stock options. Now, stock options are no longer popular or preferred by anyone, especially employees. It’s amazing that so many people want to do away with stock options.

It wasn’t that long ago that every top company provided stock options as the standard employee benefit. Since the several market crashes and lack of trust in the banking world, many people started asking for more reliable employee benefits that they can control.

Instead of stocks, corporations offer things like high salaries, equities, or better insurance. Mainly, companies like the ease and employee satisfaction of offering new benefits. Stock options had their time and place in the industry, but now, everyone is ready to move on to more relevant compensation methods.

While most of the corporate world is moving on, there are some experts that advice against eliminating stock options altogether. It may seem like a great idea to eliminate these options and replace them, but every company’s situation is different; some would benefit from providing stock options instead of something else.

Initially, getting rid of stock options may seem like the right move, but recent IRS regulations may make it harder for some companies to offer equities in place of stock options. Not to mention, there are many types of stock options and people don’t know that when they terminate their stock options.

Jeremy Goldstein, a business lawyer, suggests that everyone rethink about their employee benefits. It’s important to know what they want out of their benefits, and most people want advantages that only stocks options can offer. Most important to the company, stock options make every employee personally invested in the company’s success.

Over the last 15 years, Jeremy Goldstein perfected his craft of compensation methods. He’s worked on numerous big-client deals that his law firm’s handled. He’s New York’s go-to lawyer when it comes to advice on compensation and governance. Jeremy Goldstein is a name synonymous with executive compensation.

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OSI Food Solutions – Ready for the Increase in Demand of Chicken Products

March 24, 2018

OSI Group LLC a processed food distributing organization acquired Tyson Foods, a company based in Chicago, in the amount of $7.4 million as per the documents submitted at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds.

As of November 2016, Tyson Foods revealed that 480 people lost their jobs when it ceased to operate on October 1, 2016. On June 2, during its final day of production only 250 employees were left, according to Caroline Anh, and most of them got an employment offer from OSI.

The reason given by Tyson Food officials for closing the facility was that the company was unable to meet the evolving demands of the consumers. The two other Chicago facilities of Tyson at 3548 N. Kostner Avenue and 400 S. Jefferson St. are still actively operating. Kevin Scott, OSI North America’s Senior Executive Vice President, said that the Tyson Foods facility increases OSI’s ability to sustain the changing needs of the company’s clients. And the management is eager to have the facility join the growing OSI Group LLC production chain.

Aside from the acquisition of Tyson Foods, OSI Food Solutions Spain added an extension of its product line that resulted in the increased yield of chicken products from a past annual output of 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons at present.

The Managing Director for OSI Spain, Jose Maria del Rio, stated the investment for the extension is an acknowledgment for the increasing request for chicken foodstuffs in Portugal and Spain. He explains that the need for chicken products in the cited region has increased by six percent yearly and the company is prepared for the steady rise in sales.

As an international company, OSI Group LLC credit its overall success to the diligent efforts of its employees, which is why the company strives to make the working environment challenging and stimulating with numerous opportunities for rewards.

For more than a century, OSI Group LLC has been distributing quality food products, and at present, the company is well-known for its commitment, dedication, and innovation that come from its all-encompassing and diverse labor force. The company hires individuals who pursue ground-breaking resolutions, have passion and has a similar belief with the company that everyone can make a difference.

As an employer who gives everyone an equal opportunity, OSI Group LLC does not practice racial discrimination in its hiring process. An applicant will be hired based on his or her qualifications that are appropriate with the requirements of the job.

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