Fabletics, Selling Convenient Shopping Through Membership Plans

April 13, 2017

But more than being creative and different, the brands that truly make it out there are the ones that use market techniques that can enhance the entire shopping experience while giving the consumers exactly what they want. Currently, companies like Amazon control a large part of the market share. The reason why a company like this has done well is the fact that the number one thing that they are selling is convenience. The convenience of having one go-to place for almost everyone money can buy, and have to delivered right to your doorstep without much effort.


When Fabletics was launched in 2013, the brand, like most other brands wanted to find a way to sell the products they have and appeal to a lot of people. Using the notion of selling convenience, Fabletics wanted to give their customers a one-stop destination when it came to the latest activewear, without having to make much effort. But at the same time, they wanted to keep their customers coming back for more. The brand, therefore, launched themselves along with their membership scheme. According to the plans, they put forward; clients can log onto the fabrics website and choose from a list of membership plans. By doing this, customers have the option to choose how many sets of activewear they would like to receive per month.


By adopting this, Fabletics has managed to keep their customers coming back while giving them the brilliance of convenient shopping. What makes the site so convenient is the fact that when one logs on for the very first time, they are asked a couple of questions. These questions pertain to a few things that are relevant to the kind of activewear you would choose to wear – like your body type and the sports you play. By doing this, the site can filter out the options that suit your needs the most and give you exactly that. The customers no longer have to rummage through hundreds of products to find the one that suits them the best. Subsequently, the consumers have to log onto the website every month and pick the newest set that they would like to have.


An average customer only goes shopping once a month, or sometimes, has even longer intervals between two trips. By giving them the option to get the latest trends every month, Fabletics has given people all over a chance to shop every month without having to go through all the added effort.


Even then, the brand knew that some people would not opt for their clothing, even though they may think it looks good. The main reason for this is because Fabletics’ main shopping portal is online and not offline. Therefore, Fabletics opened up stores across the United States to give people a chance to try on their clothes, physically, before they buy it online.