A Look At A Review Of FreedomPop And Their Services

February 25, 2017

Emily Guy Birken, a contributor to the online finance website, PT Money, recently wrote a review on mobile phone service provider, FreedomPop. Below is a brief summary of the updated 2017 review of FreedomPop and the services it offers.


One of the biggest pros of FreedomPop. writes Emily, is the fact that it offers limited free mobile and internet service. The drawback to this is that once you go above a 500 megabyte threshold, you will start being charged by the megabyte for a few cents per megabyte. This will leave you with charges piling up, unless you purchase additional data for a reduced price or sign up for unlimited data through one of Freedom Pop’s data plans.


FreedomPop can be great for a frugal user, who is able to keep their data usage below 500 megabytes. You will get an alert that lets you know once you approach your data capacity for free service. Although the purchase of additional data is automatically turned on, you can disable it to prevent yourself from getting charged. Emily also points out that FreedomPop’s free service is currently limited to one year. Once you have used up a year of free service from FreedomPop, you will have to pay around $10.99 for a similar data and calling plan.


Speaking of calling, under FreedomPop’s free service plan, you will get 200 minutes of calling time. This is perfect for the person who makes few calls or needs phone service for emergencies. Any calling minutes above 200 minutes will incur an additional charge. In addition to the free 200 minutes each month, users get to send and receive an unlimited amount of text messages. Each text message sent and received will use up part of the 500 megabyte data allotment though. So those who want to text heavily, may want to consider purchasing additional data or signing up for the $10.99 a month plan for unlimited phone calls and text messages.


Besides the free service offered by FreedomPop, the other biggest pros to using FreedomPop’s service is that there are no contracts that lock you in. You simply pay month by month. There are also no cancellation fees. If you decide you do not like FreedomPop, you can leave and cancel service anytime without incurring any fees such as early termination charges that are commonly found with mobile carriers.


FreedomPop is compatible with most Sprint devices. The company uses the Sprint network resells it to customers via wholesale pricing. You can visit FreedomPop.com to look at FreedomPop plans and sign up there.


Why You Should Use The Video Chat Sessions of Securus Technologies

February 22, 2017

Securus Technologies is bringing a whole new way to communicate to our society. As many people may be aware, there are many people who are incarcerated today. Thus, making the nation the number one in the world of incarcerated individuals. However, this does not mean that we should necessarily treat those who are incarcerated like they are not a part of society. It is important to ensure that they are given means of communicating with those from home. In the case that they are not able to necessarily have their visitors schedule an appointment for visitation at the facility that they’re jailed in due to appointment scheduling conflicts in which the visitor(s) were not able to travel to the facilities, whether due to work, school, or anything else, the inmate may be able to refer them to Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies has been designed to allow people to have opportunities of connecting with others via means of video chat sessions in which those who would have visited can simply download the program to chat with the inmate from their very own home as long as they possess a computer that fits the program’s requirements and a fast, secure, and reliable Internet connection.

Securus Technologies is a program that has also impacted the police enforcement agencies as they’ve been given a tool to assist them in solving certain types of criminal acts that may be occurring within their premises’ facilities. In such cases, the criminal acts may be explained in the video chat session by the inmate who is speaking to the visitor in the form of regular conversation. At this point, due to police offers having access to and capabilities of monitoring the sessions, can use that as evidence as causes for beginning investigations so that they may be able to put an end to the criminal acts if they are to continue. It is a great program that’s been manufactured by a BBB accredited company. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the representatives to get you started on using it.

Kevin Seawright helping the youth of Newark

February 18, 2017

Think of how parents can instill good morals and help their children to grow mentally and emotionally. That is what Kevin Seawright does concerning helping young entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow. He works with a passion for seeing them excel and that is one trait that many talented entrepreneurs lack.

However, you need to know where he got this passion. When he was a young person, his parents wanted to see him succeed in education and business. They worked hard to ensure that they guided him the right direction and instilled the right values that mentored him to excel later in his life.

Because of such mentorship, Kevin Seawright succeeded in his career, and he became a financial and administrative strategist. He specializes his operations in leadership and business services, and through his strong leadership skills, he has guided many people who have already achieved success in their life.

He is multi-talented because currently, he holds two significant positions. He is the executive vice president and also the Chief Financial Officer at Newark which an economic development corporation.

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright got that position because of his experience in leadership since he has worked in both private sector and public sector. He has been awarded many accolades because of his outstanding work.

He has been working in business leadership for over a decade. That experience has enabled him to build a reputation with many people and organizations which recognize him as a leader. He is an effective leader who knows how to create a budding relationship with other leaders and also the workers.

Many organizations have been transformed through his hard work and dedication. That is why is known as a financial expert. While working with Newark, he has helped the organization achieve great things in different areas. For instance, they help small businesses to expand and achieve the goals that they have set.

He began a project called the Summer Youth Employment Plan. That was through collaboration with the employees of the Newark and other icons in the business world. The intention was to provide youths get summer jobs.

It is a program that runs for six weeks and opens to Newark students and residents. His aim is to see many youths being able to work for them and succeed in life. He collaborates with the passion of a successful entrepreneur.

Learn more about more Kevin Seawright: https://www.xing.com/profile/Kevin_Seawright

White Shark Media Secret to Success in Digital Marketing

February 11, 2017



White Shark Media is among of the best Digital Marketing companies. It concentrates on internet marketing of small and medium-size businesses. The company is famous for its efficiency in market tactics. It was ranked as one of the fasted growing digital marketing agency. It provides cost effective world-class marketing services. Since its inception, the company has served thousands of customers and maintained most of them. In fact, the company retains its first client until date.




Three Danish entrepreneurs founded White Shark Media in the year 2011. These founders had a vast of experience in marketing both online and offline. They founded the company with a goal of winning the ever-growing market of small and medium business in the United States and Latin America. They were to provide marketing that businesses needed and no one else was offering them; an element that contributed to their success.




Provision of effective marketing solutions and world-class customer service has helped the company to grow its client’s base. It has also grown the number of employees to 150+ in three countries. The company deals with AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads and Display advertising. The company’s performance in the digital marketing industry made Google wish to collaborate with White Shark Media. It was just in the beginning when Google invited the White Shark’s founder to Google headquarter.




According to the company’s CEO, Gary Gath, creativity and innovation are some ingredients of White Shark’s success. Understanding the concept of marketing both offline and online helped in enhancing the efficiency of their tactic. The company is concentrating on the growth of its clients base, maintain the customers they have today and come up with an innovative way to make marketing more efficient and affordable to small and medium-size business.

Tammy Mazzocco Helps Navigate Ohio’s Ever-Changing Real Estate Industry

February 7, 2017

2016 was the Ohio housing market’s busiest year since 2005. Home purchases increased by 7.5 percent just from 2015, helping 2016 become a remarkable year of record sales gains and record average prices.

Even though December slowed the pace, median sale price during the month was still up 4 percent from the same month in 2015. According to the chief economist for the trade association, solid growth throughout the year in addition to low mortgage rates was the major contributor to the year’s success.

Even with rates surging after the election, buyers are still out looking to purchase homes quickly. The problem lies not with the rates but with the black hole residing in the real estate industry- the lack of available homes to purchase. It is estimated that the country only has a 3.6-month supply of available housing, causing a lopsided effect in the industry. For there to be a good balance between buyers and sellers, there should be a 6-month supply.

A woman who knows exactly how the market works and has ample knowledge of the industry is Tammy Mazzocco. Tammy sells real estate in Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, and Franklin, Ohio counties. She works with the prestigious Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, Ohio.

Tammy Mazzocco became a real estate agent in 1995 while she worked for a condominium management company, Scotland Yard. After gaining experience there, Tammy Mazzocco became a multi-site property manager at T&R Properties. In 1998, she became a licensed assistant for RE/MAX, where Tammy Mazzocco worked until she decided to make real estate her full time career in 1999. She’s been working passionately at it ever since.

Visit Tammy Mazzocco’s agent profile on ideamensch.com and Homes.com for more information.