A Hero of Transportation

January 30, 2017

Recently in Austin, Texas the Williamson County Growth Summit opted to spotlight solutions to transportation troubles directly affecting the infrastructure of the city’s suburban areas. The shift of focus from urban transit to issues facing outer, regional neighborhoods was a change of pace. The Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center hosted a panel featuring the likes of Leandre Johns, the director of Texas External Affairs, Joseph Kopser of RideScout LLC, the enigmatic product designer Jared Ficklin who represented ArgoDesign, and of course Mike Heiligenstein, the celebrated executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. While the bulk of the discussion revolved around the ways in which technology is affecting transportation as a whole, in their city, and around the globe, Mike Heiligenstein managed to directly address the need for Austin to further expand overall transportation capabilities due to currently outward expanding population moving into the suburban outskirts. Said increase of people thus demands that the city further develop roads and means of transportation for those residing in Williamson County and areas similar to it. To understand the importance of such panels and their effect on locals, one must educate themselves on all the good work being done by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and it’s leader, Mike Heiligenstein, who continues to look out for all people in an ever shifting landscape.


In 2002, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was formed as a government agency focused on the enhancement of local transportation infrastructure, concentrating largely on the suburban regions of Austin. Their focus revolves around crafting solutions for counties such as Travis and Williamson, which both have rapidly increasing populations in need of solid transportation systems. The Mobility Authority is composed of the aforementioned Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein, his staff and occasionally additional contractors to develop transportation solutions. Their work affects a multitude of systems from airports to transit service. They deal with bike lanes and with traffic congestion. In short, the Mobility Authority stands to improve and maintain infrastructure all around the city.


Finally, one must recognizes the efforts and leadership of Mike Heiligenstein. His experience is unparalleled. He has been a Williamson County public official for twenty-three years. He oversaw the Mobility Authority’s first project and is the president of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. He is constantly innovative and dedicated to improving regional transportation concerns, and has dedicated himself wholly to Austin.

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The Latest Expansion of Luxury 5-Star Hospital – Copa Star

January 27, 2017

The Hospital Copa Star is a luxury centric hospital that focuses on providing the superior quality services at a 5-star facility. The hospital was Co-Founded by Jorge Moll who believed in expanding the lavish services in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. Currently, it maintains a 5-star rating in the national hospitality and health care sectors of Brazil. Not only does Copa Star Hospital believe in a modern health care atmosphere but also prioritizes in providing internationally benchmarked outstanding experience to all its patients. This lavish 5-star hospital can easily be mistaken as a post real estate housing or a lavish hotel on mundodomarketing.com.

Copa Star had opened in Rua Figuerdo de Magalhães of Rio de Janeiro in the early October of 2016. It was constructed by D’Or, being part of its extensive hospital networks on terra.com. The President and of the D’Or Institute, Jorge Moll stated that this lavish health care facility is intended to provide patients with 5-star equipment and custom-tailored health care services in the article for The Rio Times created by the writer, Nelson Belen.

The Exclusivity of Copa Star Hospital

Hospital Copa Star is designed to provide its guests with a royal treatment. The premium service can be enjoyed with sufficient privacy but not to the point of utter isolation. The facility is exclusively designed to help avoid public exposure (especially for the celebrities). The patients can travel from one part of Hospital Copa Star to another without being visible in the eye of the public which may prove to be harmful for a patient’s health condition.  Through the application, the patients can control changes in their surroundings like switching on or off the lights, closing the curtains, calling the nurse, having a video conference with the health specialist or view the reports of tests.

Top of the Class Services by Copa Star Hospital

Moreover, the patients also receive customized services by the hospital’s nationally adept team of professionals. The environment within the hospital appears to be affable and accommodating for all its patients. This is why its patients do not feel any requirement to go abroad for high-end services. The dining area within the hospital is hygienic with healthy and scrumptious choices of meals that are prepared by a 5-star Michelin celebrity chef. Copa Star guarantees a commodious environment to its patients with 21,000 square meters in total occupying nine operating rooms, 59 Emergency Intensive Care Units, and 155 luxurious patient suites. Apart from the warm and accommodating environment, the hospital focuses primarily on superior patient-tailored services that are handled with dedication by highly skilled and experienced medical professionals. More than 500 adroit staff members utilize high-tech equipment to make precise diagnoses and effective treatments.

Why Some Conditioners Can Make Or Break Your Hair

January 26, 2017

When you choose a conditioner, you want a product that can leave your hair feeling smooth and great. Conditioners can help keep hair moist enough to not dry out and break, or become messy and frizzy. Some conditioners do the job better than others, and while most of them claim to produce thicker and fuller hair, that isn’t always true. The best kind of conditioners to use are brands that use all natural ingredients and don’t use abrasive substances or artificial nutrients. You also have to balance out the use of conditioners with how often you shampoo your hair to make sure it your hair stays just moist enough to have a lasting effect, but not too damp.

One conditioner that’s gotten the job done for many users is Wen by Chaz, a unique formula that uses natural ingredients and comes in the formulas of sweet almond mint, pomegranate and lavender. When you apply this conditioner to your scalp, it goes to work immediately on your hair and doesn’t take long for it to start feeling thicker. The end result is hair that looks smoother, shinier and wavier and it’s especially recommended for those who struggle with greasy or frizzy hair.

WEN by Chaz is named for its founder Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/store.aspx, a man who became a hair style enthusiast upon seeing the beauty of it in his photography. He attended a cosmetology school in Los Angeles, and after spending time coming up with a hair conditioner formula that worked, he started the WEN brand. He also owns a salon in Hollywood and has many prominent celebrities that come to get their hair done. He’s distributed his conditioner to customers online on wen.com and through some retail stores. WEN by Chaz can be bought in either the basic kit package, or the deluxe kit.

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Documentation and Expert Audit Services from NTC

January 22, 2017

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a Florida based company that provides services, which include: expert research, audit, and document processing usually to mortgage lenders, servicers, and investors in the United States. NTC offers document services that include assignments and lien release. In addition, research services, which include document retrieval, final document processing, and abstractor services. Also, NTC provides reports, which include lien verification, assignment verification, current owner/O and E, and tax status reports; and furthermore, audits and remediation that include collateral file audits. NTC was founded in 1991 and is based in Palm Harbor.


Expansion into the Midwest


The company’s website also deals with work overflows by accommodating staff specializing in online research, data entry, and file audit work for the firm. This has enabled the firm to receive a great deal of recognition and subsequently, win many awards for its philanthropy and community development and involvement. In addition, it is a great place to work. With their expansion and setting up of a new office in Dallas, the company aims to duplicate that model in the Midwest.


Title Defects, a Real Estate Problem


For a while, Title defects have been a major issue within the real estate market. Some real estate companies feel they cause wrongful foreclosures and some believe they contribute to stagnation of smooth assets transition within the secondary market. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) executives understand that property records are critical to ensuring a clear title conveyance and moreover, reduce the risk of foreclosure.


Title defects are when a person or entity lays claim to a real estate property that is owned by someone else. In addition, they can also chip in several factors to go with their claim that would otherwise render the already pre-owned title invalid, such as:



From the above-mentioned loopholes, addressing title defects well before purchasing or transferring the property is crucial. Therefore, NTC has made the effort to assist the evolving mortgage industry by availing the property reports online.



NTC obtains data from multiple sources to enable it to provide quality documentation and audit services throughout the US.

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Magnises Looks to Expand

January 19, 2017

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland is a young entrepreneur who has done a very effective job of entering the extremely competitive credit card industry. He has developed a new credit card program, Magnises, which has been very popular with consumers across several major cities, including New York and San Francisco.

McFarland first thought up the idea of Magnises while Billy McFarland was still in school at Bucknell Univeristy and has grown the company to over 10,000 users in just the past few years.

Magnises is a unique credit card rewards program, which differs from the major credit cards a number of different ways. The main difference between Magnises and the other programs is that Magnises focuses on providing users with social and professional advantages, as opposed to cash back or travel rewards.

Second, Magnises tends to focus on a much younger clientele. While the major credit card providers target higher-income professionals that have the capability to spend more money on the card, the average user of Magnises is under the age of 30.

Users of Magnises tend to be young professionals that want to take advantage of all the social and professional opportunities that it provides. Magnises hosts dozens of different parties and events across New York, DC, and San Francisco every year, which are often free to Magnises subscribers. Magnises also has a dedicated concierge service, which can help someone gain access to the top sports events, live performances, and nightclubs in the cities in which it operates.

Magnises also helps users enhance their careers. Users are able to attend a number of different networking and career enhancement seminars every year. Successful professionals, who work in dozens of different industries, often attend these events.

Today, the Magnises program is going through a significant period of growth. While it started out just in New York City a few years ago, it has since expanded into DC and San Francisco. The company is now looking to expand further into other major metro areas including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston.

Jason Hope: Helping the World Move Forward from Arizona

January 12, 2017

Jason Hope’s LinkedIn profile tags himself as “Entrepreneur, Futurist, Philanthropist and Investor.” All are true of this Arizona native. His cohesive interests make his ultimate goal very clear: research for a better life. From his philanthropic work with SENS Research Foundation, to his many publications on the Internet of Things, it is obvious Jason Hope is investing in our future.

As a futurist with a Degree in Finance and an MBA from Arizona State University, Hope has a talent for analyzing trends and predicting where we are headed from here. In one of Hope’s many Tech.co articles, “Companies Are Banking on the Internet of Things to fuel Growth,” we see proof on how the Internet of Things is affecting businesses.

The Internet of things (IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices. While that doesn’t sound like anything new, it is a fast-developing concept that can involve much more than the simple Bluetooth connection from your headphones to your cellular device. Cars, buildings, and more are being built to communicate with each other and we’re at a level now where all of this intercommunication can allow for more automation.

In another article, “Can the Internet of Things Live up to Its Hype?” Jason Hope describes how the Internet of Things can improve many areas of interest: Health, Business and Municipalities. Automation and how we take advantage of it are a huge part of that.

Hope knows this, because he has seen it in action through his philanthropy. His biggest passion is the SENS Research Foundation, where they aim to not cure age-related diseases, but prevent them from ever happening. This forward thinking is in line with IoT and Hope’s stance on how to approach medicine. The quote on the homepage of his website is “We all want to live longer, healthier lives. In order to achieve this we need to change our approach to medicine. It’s not just about treating, it’s about preventing.”

It’s organizations that support this idea that get Hope’s support. You’ve been linked to articles from his business perspective, enlightened on his most recent ideas as a futurist, and we’ve discussed his philanthropic work. Lastly, Jason Hope is an investor and he is willing to invest in you if you have a great idea. Hope reviews submissions for grants up to five thousand dollars. His willingness to donate and his hands on approach to helping businesses make him a leader in innovation and helping us all move closer to a better quality of life.

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