George Soros’ Thoughts on How European Authorities Should Address the Ukraine Crisis

December 27, 2016

Europe has been facing crises over the years because of the Euro currency and its structural differences. European authorities have also been trying to solve these defects with no luck. Besides the Euro, Europe is currently facing crises such as the British referendum on European Union membership, Greece migration, and Ukraine’s pleas regarding Russian aggression According to George Soros Ukraine. These crises give European authorities sleepless nights on what should be done to curb them.

The United States joined forces with Europe in combating the Ukraine crisis. The partnership was in the form of financial support. However, this partnership has not yielded any fruits since it was launched. Europe tried to adopt the same mechanisms they used in addressing the Greece crisis to address the Ukraine crisis. The European authorities also followed the Minsk agreement that stresses the financial rights of Ukraine.

The Euro Crisis

Europe also failed in addressing the Euro crisis that affects the availability of funds needed for budgetary allocations. The European Union operates on a budget of £145 billion. However, this budget is a one percent proportion of the GDP of the EU members. Member countries are slowly reducing their contributions to the union. This factor is the main reason why Europe is faced with the Euro crisis.

Europe’s Emergency Loans Solution

Germany headed the European strategy to address the Greece crisis. The European authorities adopted an ‘emergency loans‘ solution to help Greece grow financially says George Soros. They failed because of the punitive interest rates that they implemented on the loans. They also adopted and managed a new reform program. They would have succeeded if they allowed Greece to manage the reform agenda. Germany was reckless in running the reform program. They did not take into consideration the needs of Greece as a country. Greece currently has a massive national debt, and European authorities are no longer assisting the country with emergency loans.

European authorities have disputed over the Ukraine crisis with the IMF. This dispute has slowed down the process of addressing this crisis. They have tried bailing in their bondholders instead of bailing them out. Ukraine is struggling to get out of the Russian aggression says George Soros. European authorities should evolve strategies for solving Ukraine’s pleas.

The Preferential Treatment Plan

Solving these crises at once is quite difficult. One way of mitigating their effects is by giving each crisis preferential treatment. According to George Soros, Europe should prioritize on solving the Ukraine crisis first. The EU can reap many benefits by ending the Russian aggression against Ukraine – stabilizing Ukraine will encourage more investors and trade between the nation and EU member countries. Additionally, the EU will restore the confidence of its member states that have been showing signs of pulling out from the organization.

The old Ukraine was quite difficult to reform because of its association with old Greece. Apparently, Ukraine has undergone numerous changes as a country. The new Ukraine can be reformed since it underwent a Maidan Revolution back in 2014 says George Soros. The main reason why Europe is failing in addressing the Ukraine crisis is that they treat the country like old Greece. They do not categorize Ukraine as a European Union member.

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