The Man Who Built a Skyline in a Decaying New Jersey City

November 18, 2016

In the early 1970’s, New Brunswick, New Jersey was a dangerous post-industrial city on that offered little more than simply being the location for Rutgers University. Decades of neglect caused property values to severely decline, and crime was on the rise in the college town.

Perhaps one of the only things that saved the city from complete ruin was the decision made by famed corporation Johnson and Johnson to continue its operations in the city, which contributed just enough to the city’s economy on to prevent New Brunswick from suffering the fate of other post-industrial cities in New Jersey such as Paterson and Newark.

When Omar Boraie, originally from Egypt, traveled to New Brunswick in the early 1970’s to get a Ph.D. in chemistry, he quickly saw the building potential of the city and changed his gears to focus on real estate. Many thought he was crazy, for not only was the city incredibly dangerous to walk around in at night, but it was full of dilapidated buildings and depressed street corners with few signs of life.

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In 1985, Boraie began construction on two enormous towers worth of commercial space across the street from Johnson and Johnson, on Albany Street. Had the corporate giant not been there, perhaps he wouldn’t have felt so confident that his buildings would be financially rewarding. Providing 250,000 square feet worth of office space for the city, it turned out to be a success.

Additionally, Boraie constructed a high-rise luxury condo building in the heart of New Brunswick’s downtown area, which again, proved to be a huge success. Within two months, the building was completely sold out.

Today Omar is largely credited for transforming New Brunswick from the crime-ridden and decaying city it was to a thriving New Jersey city. His developments have brought loads of professionals to the city, increasing its economy. Now in his 70’s, he heads Boraie Development LLC and continues working to improve the city of New Brunswick with his son, Wasseem, as vice president of the company.

The Philanthropic Activities of Dick and Betsy DeVos

Recently, Betsy DeVos discussed her recent charitable contributions for education. She has expressed her desire to help reform the entire educational system. This reform would consist of providing students with a choice of where they want to go to school. Since the public schools are failing in Betsy’s opinion, she has decided to help provide vouchers to students so that they can get the best possible education. With this assistance, a number of students will be in position to get the knowledge they need in order to improve their career prospects as well as enhance their intellectual abilities. By having a privatized educational system based on personal choice, a number of students and parents will likely have more satisfaction with the educational experience.


While Betsy DeVos has made charitable contributions towards education, her husband Dick has also made considerable contributions as well. Dick DeVos provides funding for business school scholarships on a regular basis. These scholarships help a number of promising students get the money they need to pay for their business school education. With these scholarships, a number of students can expand their education and get the credentials they need in order to expand their career. DeVos’ contributions towards business education will help a number of people become the top business managers and entrepreneurs in the future.


Along with providing funds for business school education, Dick DeVos also makes a number of contributions towards business development. He regularly provides funds to a number of capitalistic activities such as professional development. Dick also provides money to businesses that are looking to expand with new inventory, equipment and real estate. These contributions will help a number of businesses succeed as well as consistently meet the needs of their customers. They will also help businesses create more jobs and boost the economy as well.


As part of his charitable contributions, Dick DeVos also provides funds for performing arts organizations. He contributes to a number professional development programs to help improve operations and the management of arts organizations. With improved management and operations, these organizations will be able to give attendees a more satisfying experience. DeVos also holds arts contests which help a number of artists display their work and receive incentives for it. As a result, Dick helps arts organizations as well as artists showcase themselves as well as having steady improvement. Therefore, Dick DeVos’ philanthropic activities enhance not only business and education, but also entertainment as well.

Getting to Know Madison Street Capital

November 15, 2016

As an international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital is focused on integrity, leadership in their marketplace and above all they are committed to excellence. Corporate financial advisory services are much needed for both public and privately held businesses around the country. Corporate finance is extremely detailed oriented, and upholding the Madison Street Capital reputation is important for them.

Madison Street Capital is focused on working quickly and efficiently to ensure that everyone they serve is 100% satisfied. The main goal for this firm is to ensure that all transactions are handled with integrity, and in a way that mutually benefits the customers as well. Buyers can sellers can be easily matched, and the structure of financing will be fair and practiced in a way that shows the expertise of Madison Street Capital, but in a way that showcases how corporate finance should be handled internally and externally.

There are several ways in which Madison Street Capital excels at what they do, and making mergers happen as well acquisitions. Those seeking financial guidance, backing, and perhaps an investment into their business, are most likely to choose Madison Street Capital because they have vast experience not only in corporate finance, but also in corporate governance. This makes MSC a leader in the marketplace for financial advisory services, and it is the reason they were nominated for the 15th annual M&A awards.

MSC’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

MSC is also known for their expertise in the valuation reporting for businesses as well including:

With the expertise that this firm has, they are also offering many other services including offering their financial opinions and directing their attention to asset management. During tough economic times it’s vital to know how to protect your assets as well as learn how to better grow your business and protect your growth in the marketplace.

MSC is a trusted name in many areas, and as they continue to aid in wealth planning and other financial strategies, it pays to get to know the company and how they can help you.

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